• Describe the contribution that Rutherford made to the development of the atomic theory. (Applying)
  • Explain how Bohr’s atomic theory differed from its. (Analyzing)
  • Describe the structure of an atom including the location of the proton, electron, and neutron. (Understanding)
  • Define isotopes. (Remembering)
  • Compare isotopes of an element. (Analyzing)
  • Discuss the properties of the isotopes of H, C, Cl, U. (Understanding)
  • Draw the structures of different isotopes from the mass number and atomic number. (Applying)
  • State the importance and uses of isotopes in various fields of life. (Remembering)
  • Describe the presence of subshells in a shell. (Understanding)
  • Distinguish between shells and subshells. (Understanding)
  • Write the electronic configuration of the first 18 elements in the Periodic Table. (Remembering)

Major Concepts

  • Theories and Experiments related to atomic structure
  • Isotopes
  • Electronic configuration

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