Write a letter to the Press / Editor of a newspaper concerning the use of unfair means / in the examinations

Examination Hall, A. B.C. (City),

September. 9, 2003.

The Editor,

The News,

Lahore. Sir,

I crave the hospitality of your columns to call the attention of the Government to a big problem of today. It is observed that some students use unfair means in the examination. Sometimes they bribed the invigilators. Many times, they frighten, harass and threat the examining body. Very often, they go to the examination hall mined with pistols.

They say that it is their right. Those who do not want to so such means, should not criticize them. It is a very sorrowful situation. Most of the students do not like it. They believe that they can get good marks through honest labour. If this practice continues, their labour goes waste, On the other hand, bad students get good marks. Then they problems to the nation in practical life. I suggest the following steps to stop this practice:-

a. The people, who use unfair means, should be given exemplary punishments.

b. Strict unfair means cases should framed against them. They
should be undergone immediate trials.

c. The superintendent of the examination hall should have the powersto award punishments to the defaulters.

Yours faithfully, XYZ (Name)

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