The Vitamins

The Vitamins


Q.1      How do various vitamins keep body fit? 2007, 2004

Write an essay on the vitamins.

What is the importance of vitamin?

What are the water soluble and fat soluble vitamin? Write note on them.


This essay defines vitamins and describes their various sources and the effects of their deficiency on human body.

Vitamins are certain chemical elements necessary for health and growth of human body. They are essential ingredients of our food. Their deficiency or absence in human body causes different diseases and affects the growth of limbs and joints of the body. For example sailors on the ships of East India Company were attacked by scurvy. They were asked to use lemons and oranges. Beri beri, a disease that paralyses legs attacks those living in places with hard conditions as prisons or labour camps. During 1880 it attacked troops of the Japanese navy. Vegetables, fish, meat and barley were prescribed to them.

Vitamins are named after alphabets on the basis of their solubility in fats or in water. Vitamins A, D and E can be dissolved in fats and are called fat soluble. Vitamin A can be found in cod liver oil, butter and green vegetables. Its deficiency affects growth of young animals and weakens physical resistance and eye-sight: Vitamin D can be had from cod liver oil, animal fats, sunlight and irradiated vegetable oil. Its deficiency affects growth and formation of bones and causes rickets Food can be made more effective with ultra-violet light of the sun. Irradiated cod liver oil is also more effective than ordinary one. Vitamin E, or anti-sterility vitamin is available in leaves, seeds and common food. Its absence affects reproductive system. This is why childless couples are given doses of wheat-germ oil.

Vitamins that dissolve in water are B and C and are called water soluble vitamins.  Vitamin B is found in grain and yeast.  Its deficiency causes beri-beri and pellagra. Research has revealed that it contains six different substances of varying importance. We can get vitamin C from fresh vegetables, peas, beans. It is also found in fruits especially in lemons and oranges. Its deficiency causes scurvy. Hence we can say presence of all vitamins in suitable quantity is mandatory the growth and development of human body

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