Précis Writing


Précis writing is a very fine exercise in a reading; writing and practical life for those who have to carry on communication with others. Précis is neither a paraphrase of the Original passage nor a list of main points. It is a piece of continuous writing which possesses proper organization of ideas, logical sequence of points and the variety of language. It is not merely a condensed reproduction of the original passage. Précis writing skill involves both the comprehension and effective writing. It is equally important for business and official people.

Literal meaning:

The word précis is a French word which means exact or terse. In English it means sum up, abridge, summary, precise etc. So it is a restatement in shorted form of the main ideas and points in a piece of writing.


By Oxford Dictionary:

“It is a short version of a speech or a piece of writing that gives the main points or ideas.”

By Cambridge Dictionary:

“It is a short form of the text which briefly gives only the important parts.”

So we can say that a precis is the main theme of a passage Written in the fewest possible words.

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