Common Essay




  1. Introduction
  2. The evil impacts of_____________
  3. Causes
  4. Effects on the society
  5. Remedies
  6. Conclusion

Shakespeare has said, “What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason, How
infinite in faculty, from in moving; How express and admirable in action, How like an
angel in apprehension. The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals”. In these lines
Shakespeare has beautifully defined man but the same man is facing many problems
created by man himself. Centuries ago man entered into the “New Stone Age” from the
“Old Stone Age” but man shows his bestial and barbarian nature in certain walks of
life. He is responsible for creating certain evils like__________ .

Pope rightly says:

“What man has done for man.”

Today when man has touched the surface of the moon and world itself has become a global village; the evil of—————–has spread in the society of man. With the beginning of it has become one of the most horrible problems all over the world especially in the third world countries like Pakistan.

At the very outset we must wholeheartedly accept that the evil of___________ weakens the basic foundation of the nation. The evil not only demoralizes ones nation but also becomes the cause of entire destruction in the long run. This evil makes the system of the state abrupt. When people are under the pressure of   their mind cannot be further utilized for the development of the country. People feel insecurity and keep thinking about it all the time_______________________________________________ no doubt; spreads discontentment in the society and ultimately nation’s good image gets spoiled in the world. If it is not properly checked, judicial, moral and economic system of the nation is destroyed.

William Golding rightly says:

“Man produces evil as bee produces honey”.

The main causes of ________________  are illiteracy, poverty and wrong economic policies of the government. Unfortunately majority of our people are uneducated and on the other hand our education is not professional. Most of the students get education but they cannot implement their education in the society they are just like parrots who can speak but doesn’t know the meaning. Because of illiteracy people do not know the difference between right and wrong. Under there circumstances gets an easy way for its development and has further increased the horizons of________ .

Lack of social and economic justice is also responsible for increasing ————-Sometimes this injustice compels people to do something wrong. When people will not he given their rights, people will raise their voice, weapons and means to compensate their hurt feelings. Lastly, in a nutshell temptation for wealth and lost for power has given more dimensions to——————–            . Now materialism has gone into the very depth of man’s veins and thus materialism is spreading      in the society on a large scale.

Long Fellow has said:

Money is honey, my little sunny A rich man ‘joke is always funny

History is witness that___________ has always been one of the main causes of the downfall of nations. I; ha- always created disappointment among the communities where this evil prevails. The machinery of the government gets rusted and it is quite obvious that   increase respect of law. This evil leads to revolution and military take over any nation cannot bear revolutions and military take over for a long time. We can remove this evil from the society if we believe in what

R.W. Emmerson has said:

Not gold but only men can make

A nation great and strong

Men who, for truth and honesty’s sake

Stands fast and suffer long.

If we want to root out this evil, then a complete change of political, social, and economic system is necessary. Worn out and out dated methods of removing evils like

___________ should be left now, instead of believing in the bookish-theories, we must do

some thing practical to kill this evil. We will have to make a new government, which should be honest and sincere to the public. The new government should send those people in administration who really know how to settle the problems of the public.

Different kind of departments should be established to wipe out the evil of_________ .

Then minds of the people can be changed by moral values. Morality should be an inevitable part of the education. Lastly, there should be an exemplary punishment of those who are responsible for creating this evil. Political parties, N.G.Os and national media can play a very important role to root out this evil.

To conclude, we can say that if we want to make progress in our country it is our duty to co-operate with the government to eliminate this evil

Napoleon has said:

“Nothing is impossible”

Let us try to understand what Long Fellow says:

    Lives of all great men reminded us

We can make our lives sublime

And departing leaves behind us

Foot prints on the stand of time.


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