Structure of molecules CH#04

Major Concepts

  • Find the number of valence electrons in an atom using the Periodic Table. (Applying)
  • Describe the importance of noble gas electronic configurations. (Understanding)
  • State the octet and duplet rules. (Remembering)
  • Explain how elements attain stability. (Understanding)
  • Describe how bonds may be formed. (Remembering)
  • State the importance of the noble gas electronic configurations in the formation of ion. (Applying)
  • Describe the formation of cations from an atom of a metallic element. (Applying)
  • Describe the formation of anions from an atom of a non-metallic element. (Applying)
  • Recognize a compound as having ionic bonds. (Analyzing)
  • Identify the characteristics of ionic compounds. (Understanding)
  • Describe the formation of a covalent bond between two non-metallic elements. (Understanding)
  • Describe with examples single, double, and triple covalent bonds. (Understanding)
  • Draw electron cross and dot structures for simple covalent molecules containing single, double, and triple covalent bonds. (Applying)

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