Major Concepts

  • Define oxidation and reduction in terms of loss or gain of oxygen or hydrogen. (Remembering)
  • Define oxidation and reduction in terms of loss or gain of electrons. (Understanding)
  • Identify the oxidizing and reducing agents in a redox reaction. (Analyzing)
  • Define oxidizing and reducing agent in a redox reaction. (Understanding)
  • Define oxidation state. (Remembering)
  • State the common rules for assigning oxidation numbers to free elements, ions, simple and complex molecules, atoms. (Remembering)
  • Determine the oxidation number of an atom of any element in a compound. (Applying)
  • Describe the nature of electrochemical processes. (Understanding)
  • Sketch an electrolytic cell, label the cathode and the anode. (Understanding)
  • Identify the direction of movement of cations and anions towards respective electrodes. (Understanding)
  • List the possible uses of an electrolytic cell. (Understanding)
  • Sketch a Daniell cell, labeling the cathode, the anode, and the direction of flow of the electrons. (Understanding)
  • Describe how a battery produces electrical energy. (Understanding)
  • Oxidation and reduction
  • Oxidation States and Rules for Assigning Oxidation States
  • Oxidizing and Reducing Agents
  • Oxidation- Reduction Reactions
  • Electrochemical Cells
  • Electrochemical Industries
  • Corrosion and its Prevention

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