Major Concepts:

  • Explain the effect on the pressure of a gas by a change in the a. volume b. temperature.(Understanding)
  • Compare the physical states of matter with regard to intermolecular forces present between them. (Analyzing)
  • Account for pressure-volume changes in a gas using Boyle’s Law (Analyzing)
  • Account for temperature-volume changes in a gas using Charles’s Law. (Analyzing)
  • Explain the properties of gases (diffusion, effusion, and pressure). (Understanding)
  • Summarize the properties of liquids like evaporation, vapour pressure, the boiling point. (Understanding)
  • Explain the effect of temperature and external pressure on vapor pressure and boiling point. (Understanding)
  • Describe the physical properties of solids (melting and boiling points). (Understanding)
  • Differentiate between amorphous and crystalline solids. (Analyzing)
  • Explain the allotropic forms of solids. (Understanding)

  • Gaseous State, Typical properties
  • Law’s related to gases
  • Liquid State, Typical properties
  • Solid State, Typical properties
  • Types of solids

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