Chapter No.8 Chemical Reactivity

Major Concepts

  • Show how cations and anions are related to the terms metals and non-metals. (Analyzing)
  • Explain why alkali metals are not found in the Free State in nature. (Analyzing)
  • Identify elements as an alkali metal or an alkaline earth metal. (Applying)
  • Explain the differences in ionization energies of alkali and alkaline earth metals. (Understanding)
  • Describe the position of sodium in the Periodic Table, its simple properties, and uses. (Understanding)
  • Describe the position of calcium and magnesium in the Periodic Table, their simple properties, and uses. (Understanding)
  • Differentiate between soft and hard metals (Iron and Sodium). (Analyzing)
  • Describe the inertness of noble metals. (understanding)
  • Identify the commercial value of Silver, Gold, and Platinum. (Analyzing)
  • Compile some important reactions of halogens. (Applying)
  • Name some elements, which are found in an uncombined state in nature. (Understanding)

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