Chapter # 3, Periodicity and Periodic Table

Major Concepts

  • Distinguish between a period and a group in the periodic table. (Understanding)
  • State the periodic law. (Remembering)
  • Classify the element (into two categories: groups and periods) according to the configuration of their outermost shell. (Analyzing)
  • Determine the demarcation of the periodic table into an s block and p block. (Remembering)
  • Explain the shape of the periodic table. (Analyzing)
  • Determine the location of families in the periodic table. (Understanding)
  • Recognize the similarity in the chemical and physical properties of elements in the same family of elements. (Understanding)
  • Identify the relationship between electronic configuration and the position of an element in the periodic table. (Analyzing)
  • Explain how the shielding effect influences periodic trends. (Applying)
  • Describe how electronegativity change within a group and a period in the periodic table. (Analyzing)

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