1. How does the life of man pass through different phases of it?

A man passes through different phases of life;

  1. He is dull like a garden full of weeds.
  2.  He is useless like a garden full of snow.
  3. He wonders like a bird upon the wall.
  4. He wastes his time like an eagle.
  5. Death is at his door.
  6. He becomes ill.
  7.  He dies in the long run.
  8. What happens when life is not of deeds but is full of words?

When life is not of deeds but is full of words, such a life is quite useless and meaningless and it does not give any benefit. An active life is full of joys and blessings.

  1. What is the condition of the garden when weeds start growing?

When the weeds start growing in a garden, it does not attract anyone. Nobody visits this garden and it becomes useless.

  1. What is the moral lesson of the poem?

         The poem depicts the importance of work in man’s life. It gives a lesson that we should become men of actions instead of words. We should take action according to our words. We should engage ourselves in some productive activities because an idle man is like a wild plant and winter snow that destroys the garden.

Reference to the Context


These lines have been taken from the poem, “A Man of Words And Not Of Deeds” written by “Charles Perrault”.



In these lines the poet says that a man of words who does nothing and always spends his time in gossip is like an unwanted wild plant in the garden. He is worthless and useless. In winter he is like a garden which is full of snow where no one goes for walk. The birds also do not stay there because that is not safe place for their lives. Then he becomes the bird sitting idle and secondly he is like an eagle that flies in the sky aimlessly. When the clouds thunder and roar, it looks like death in the form of a lion at his door. When death knocks at his door he feels restlessness and backache. His condition becomes very pitiable and he suffers a heart attack. His heart starts bleeding which becomes the cause of his death. It shows that an idle man never works and in the end, he dies miserably.

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