Q.1.     Describe the emotional tension between Frank and his wife.

Or        Describe the unpleasant relationship between Frank and his wife.

Or       What are the causes of conflict between husband and wife? 2000

There is husband and wife who did not love each other because of some misunderstanding between themselves. Frank was an electrician in a mine. He married a girl, a bit older than himself. She looked older than himself. To him she was not as young as he had expected. He was not happy with her behaviour and talk. He was in the habit of rising early. That is why when he got up early and told her that he was waiting, she tensely asked if he was waiting for her or for the breakfast. When they went to the seaside for holiday, she asked him not to talk to anybody about her past in the village where she had lived for two years. This created suspicion in him about her past. Actually she had an affair with Archie, a rector’s son before her marriage. He thought that she was hiding something from him. He felt that she thought herself superior to him. He was not happy with her. She kept him waiting downstairs for breakfast. Often he found her gazing at the sea, lost in her thoughts. Frank had developed some misunderstanding against her; she too disliked him for his interference in her independence. She did not like his odd questions. “She was sick of him”. She had always the picture of her old lover Archie in her mind. 229


  1. 2. Describe the strange incident in the rose garden.

Or         Describe the “Shadow” in the rose garden.

Or                Describe the meeting of Frank’s wife with her old lover Archie in the

            rose garden.

Or       Describe the meeting of Frank’s wife with her mad lover.

Or       Describe the visit of  Frank’s wife to he garden. Whom did she meet

            there? 2000 sup

Once, Frank along with his wife paid a visit to a beautiful seaside resort for some days. Often he had to wait for her at breakfast table. One morning after having breakfast together, Frank desired her to accompany him out. She asked him to go alone as she had to do many things at home. He asked him not to talk about her past in the area she had spent two years there before marriage. Hence, he went out all alone.

In his absence she went to the rose garden to relieve herself of tension. For some time, she wandered through the garden then sat in a seat among white roses. Soon she was lost in her sweet memories. Suddenly a shadow crossed her. It was a young man with black hair. He was wearing her ring. He sat beside her. She was shocked to see that it was Archie, her old lover. He was a sub-lieutenant in the army and was sent to South Africa. There he had sunstroke. He was rumoured to be dead, but, in fact, he had gone mad. She had to marry Frank. She asked him if he recognised her. But there was something strange about him. He looked at her constantly but did not recognise her. She was shocked to see him in that condition. 221


  1. 3. How was the tension between husband and wife resolved?

Or       what was the reaction of the husband when he came to  know that her wife          had been in love with a military man?

Or       What passed between husband and wife the wife met her old lover?

Or       How did the woman behave after she met her mad lover?

Or       how did Frank’s wife confess her love?

Frank’s wife, after her strange experience in the rose garden returned to her cottage nervous and dejected. Sitting in her bed she began to stare at the sea across the window. When he returned she was sitting mum on the bed. He asked her what had happened to her, but she did not answer. He asked her if she had met someone or if she was not feeling well. She did not like his questioning. She was lost in her thoughts. When they were in the bedroom she openly revealed everything to him of her past affairs with Archie. She told him that their love affair lasted for about a year after which Archie had to go to South Africa on a mission, after he lost his job as a result of a quarrel with his colonel. At first Frank hated her in anger, but then felt at ease as she had confessed everything to him. She added that he (Archie) had gone mad as seen by her in the rose garden.

After hearing all this, he forgot his anger. Both were shocked and were impersonal. They were reconciled and no longer hated each other. He left her and went out.

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