1. The Necklace


  1. 1. What sort of life does Matilda Loisel have? What sort of life does she dream? (P.U.95-S)

Or       she was born in a family of clerks, then why did she think of large drawing             room etc. explain. 2000-II

Madame Matilda Loisel belongs to a family of clerks. She is the wife of Loisel, a petty clerk in the office of the Minister of Public Instruction. But she is exceptionally beautiful and charming. She is, therefore, very conscious of her beauty. But she does not have costly clothes and jewels to wear. She lives in a small house with her husband. She has a maid-servant who does all of her household work. Thus her standard of living is very moderate.

As she is very much conscious of her beauty, she suffers from some complex. She always dreams of a life quite beyond her means. She dreams of wearing costly dresses and jewels. She wants to move in higher circles of society. She envies the rich who attend big parties and big balls. She is totally dissatisfied with her small house, its worn-out furniture and faded goods. She dreams of spacious drawing rooms, costly furniture and elegant dinners. She is so crazy for wearing beautiful ornaments that she has to borrow a necklace to attend a party. She, as well as her husband, has to suffer a lot to pay the cost of the borrowed necklace which is lost. 199


  1. 2. Why did Madame Loisel borrow the necklace? 2002-II

Or       What was the reaction of Mathilda at he invitation to ball?

Or       Why did she refused to attend the ball at first? How were her demands met?             2001-I

Or       Why was she reluctant to go to party? 2001-I

Matilda Loisel was a beautiful charming young lady who was born into a family of clerks and married to a petty clerk in the office of the Board of Education. She had no dowry, no jewels and no dresses to look conspicuous. She always dreamt of fine jewels and elegant dresses.

One day her husband Mr. Loisel brought her an invitation to a ball at the house of the Minister of Public Instruction. She showed quick reaction and threw away the invitation card, saying that she had no proper dress and no jewels to wear on the occasion. He gave her five hundred francs which he had saved to buy a gun. She purchased an elegant dress with this amount. Then she insisted on having costly jewels or ornaments. He advised her to wear some natural flowers instead of ornaments. But she was adamant.

He, therefore, asked her to borrow a set of diamonds from her rich friend Madame Forestier. As she was vain of her beauty she borrowed a necklace of diamonds from her friend. Her sole purpose in borrowing the necklace was to look as graceful as other rich ladies at the ball. She wanted to become the grace of the party and to fascinate the hearts of the people. 212


  1. 3. How was the necklace lost? 200-II

Matilda Loisel bought an elegant dress with five hundred Francs and borrowed a set of diamonds from her rich friend Madame Forestier to attend the party.

When Madame Loisel went to the ball in her new dress and borrowed necklace, she was looking very charming and fascinating. She was the grace of the party and attracted the hearts of the people. She kept on dancing the whole of the night. The party continued till morning. As it was cold Loisel covered her shoulders with a very ordinary wrap. Not to be noticed by other women who had costly wraps, she descended the steps hurriedly. They found a carriage with great difficulty and reached home at 4 a.m. As she removed the wraps from her shoulders before the glass to have a final view of herself, she uttered a cry. Her neck was without the necklace. Probably it was lost somewhere in the party, on the way or in the carriage. After that she, as well as her husband, had to suffer a lot for ten long and tough years to pay the cost of the borrowed necklace which was lost. 190


  1. 4. How did Madame Loisel and Mr. Loisel pay the cost of the lost necklace?

Or        How does Matilda change in personality and appearance over the years? (P.U.1995-S)

Or          The necklace is story of vain proud and showy woman. 2000 Who is responsible for her tragedy?

Or          The story necklace has been called the story of vanity. 2000-II

Or          Do you think Mathilda is responsible for her tragedy?

Or          Explain the story as a tragic story. Was this desire of hers that ultimately become responsible of her tragedy?

Or          The necklace is a criticism on pride and materialism. Elaborate? What does the story necklace expose?

Or       Why were they shocked to learn about the reality of the necklace?


The necklace is a tragic story of a vain, proud and showy woman who wants to take part in functions and parties and become the centre of attention for her beauty. She had so much desire to please, to be envied, to be enticing, to be sought after.

One day Mr. Loisel brought home an invitation to a ball. Madame Loisel was reluctant to attend party for not having elegant dress and costly ornaments. So to attend party, she borrowed a necklace which was lost somewhere in the party, on the way or in the carriage. They did their utmost to trace it, but failed. At last they bought a new diamond necklace for thirty six thousand francs and returned to Madame Forestier. They had to borrow half of the amount from different quarters. To repay this loan they had to labour hard for ten long years. They had a rented house. She herself did all the washing, fetched water and went out shopping. Her husband also worked at different shops, besides his office job. Thus after ten years’ long and tough labour, her hair turned grey and wrinkles appeared on her face. She looked pale. He too looked older than before.

One day, when Madame Loisel met Madame Forestier who got shocked to see her pale and wrinkled face. She also told her that the necklace was not real, but fake worth five hundred francs only. She regretted over the futile labour for ten long years. But what could not be cured must be endured. So it was her desires and role of fate that ultimately become responsible of her tragedy.

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