1. 1 How did the narrator take a fancy to Mangan’s sister?

Or       How did the narrator and Mangan’s sister express love to each other?

            The narrator was a school boy. He lived in Dublin (Ireland) with his uncle and aunt. He played after school time in the street. His friend Mangan‘s sister often came to call him in to tea. Gradually he began to take interest in her. He was too small to be a lover, but he fell in love all the same. He loved her madly.  Her word was more than a law for him.  Her figure, her dress and the style of her hair attracted him.

One day he happened to see her closely in the light of the street lamp opposite to his door. He desired to talk to her, but was too shy to do so. He never spoke to her except a few causal words. It was Mangan’s sister who broke the ice and asked him if he was going to Araby, a grand bazaar held near the city. He did not know what to answer. He asked her “Why can’t you?” She replied that she could not go as there would be a treat in her convent. He replied that he would go to the bazaar and bring some beautiful gift for her. He thought that he would win her heart by giving her gift. 208

  1. 2. Discuss the story as a conflict between the objective world and the feelings of the hero.

Or       Discuss the story as a conflict between appearance and reality.

Or       How does the narrator run after shadows which are ultimately shattered?

Or       How was the narrator disappointed in his love?

            Describe briefly the effect of the romantic love of the adolescent mind of the boy.      2009

            The story shows a conflict between appearance and reality or between the dreams of the boy-hero and the objective world. The narrator was a teenaged boy living in his dream world. He was obsessed with the idea that it was quite easy to win the heart of a girl. He was attracted by her figure, her dress and the style of her hair. He often stood in the shadow and saw her on the doorstep. Her figure always moved before her eyes. He dreamt to win her by simply offering her a gift. But unfortunately his dream did not materialise because he was poor and dependent on his uncle and aunt. He visited Araby at his beloved request to buy some beautiful gift. He reached araby very late due to late arrival of his uncle. At that time almost all the stalls were closed. Only one stall of porcelain vases was open, but he had not enough money to buy a costly vase or tea set. Thus he was disappointed. All his rosy hopes to win his beloved were dashed to the ground.

Thus we see that the boy was running after shadows or dreams which could never be materialised. His dependence on his uncle and aunt and his immature feelings of love proved a hindrance in the fulfillment of his ideal love. He ultimately found himself a creature driven and derided by vanity.

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