The Eclipse


Q: 1    Describe the scene in which the people of England were so excited to see the eclipse?

Or describe the hustle and bustle of the people pointing to observe the Eclipse. 2002(s), 2010 S


The essay is about an incident of eclipse that took place in England one night. The writer was also included among the people who went to see the eclipse. She has narrated the whole incident vividly how the eclipse took place and the feelings of the people at the changing of the colours.

The writer says that when the eclipse was going to take place everybody gathered at Euston railway station to travel to the North. The people were very excited and they wanted to see the scene with their eyes. There was no calm that night. Even the people started their journey before the eclipse.

The people who were going to see the eclipse had no individuality of their own and they had cut off their relations with the world only for some hours to see the eclipse. Even the people living in the countryside were very excited. The farmers with their families in their Sunday clothes came out to join the procession. The whole episode looked as if the people were going to meet some famous actor.

It was chill in the air but they were ignoring it. Some people spread their raincoats on the ground and sat on them. The writer says that they were looking like the people of the ancient world who worshipped the sun in this way. 222

Q: 2    What does the writer mean that the whole fabric of civilization was modelled and moulded? 1997

Or       What is the significance of the conclusion that the whole fabric of civilization was modelled and moulded? 

Or       What is the importance of the Sun in our life?

Or       What is the theme of the essay?


In the essay “The Eclipse” the writer points out the significance of the sun in our lives. The writer has exposed this fact with the help of the phenomenon of solar eclipse. The sun is the main source of energy and the centre of all the heavenly bodies. Our earth depends upon the sun for heat, light and energy. If the sun disappears, all the activities on the earth come to an end.

In the essay, the sun disappeared for 24 seconds due to solar eclipse. All the colours underwent a strange change. The blue turned into purple the white into livid and the pink into the green. All the activities of the people came to a standstill. The villages, the valleys and the farmhouses seemed without any light. It seemed the earth would never regain its brightness.

But soon the eclipse ended and the sun rose on the other side of the earth. The writer says that the whole fabric of civilization was modelled and moulded. It means that the grandeur of the earth came back and the world looked the same as it was before the eclipse. The flesh and blood of the world came back.

The people felt really thrilled at the return of the original colours. Even the confidence of the people was also recovered when the sun-washed away all the darkness prevailed upon the villages, valleys and farmhouses. Everything looked very pleasant in its original form.

So we can say that the sun plays a role of vital importance in our life and all the colours, hustle and bustle in life are due to the sun. It is a great blessing of Allah. 280


Q: 3    What were the changes that took place during the eclipse? Or Describe the graphic picture of the solar eclipse.


Before the eclipse took place, everything looked pale. The rivers and the fields had no colour for them. The sun was rising at the time. The sky was clear and clouds were floating it. The sun started to reach its destination passing through the clouds. Sometimes the sun was hidden behind the clouds and sometimes it came out of the clouds and shone with full brightness. In its last effort, it tried to free itself from the grip of the clouds but could not. At last, it was completely out of sight.

All the colours began to go from the moor. The blue turned to purple, the white became livid. Pink faces became green and it was colder than before. The shadows became darker and darker and the moorland just looked like a boat which was trying to get right in a violent storm. All the light was coming and going again and again. When the sun eclipsed, it seemed to the people that everything was dead. The earth looked like a skeleton. All its colours and splendour was gone. All the people present there were too much surprised what would be the case if the sun eclipsed. They thought that the flesh and blood of the world is just because of the warmth and shining of the sun.

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