Nagasaki August 9, 1945


Q:1     Describe the destruction that the atom bomb caused on August 9, 1945?

Or       Describe the pains and suffering of the people.


On August 9, 1945, a B-29 fighter dropped an atom bomb on Nagasaki. It caused a violent storm. There was a huge blast of wind of yellow color. There were fires everywhere. The writer gives detail of the destruction, pains, and suffering of the people. The people were in a very miserable condition. Their shreds were hanging from their bodies and they were bloody and dirty. They were seeing the surrounding with vacant eyes as if they were ghosts. Their clothes were tattered, and their limbs were missing. There were dead bodies lying around with white edges of bones. Almost all living or dead were badly charred.

The effect on the people was so tremendous that all the victims died in the coming few weeks. Humanity was helpless before the immense power of weapons. The war was won but the humanity lost.

Many students, doctors, and patients were crying there for help and water. There were deaths, groans, shrieks, and a terrible stench everywhere. Every one was severely wounded. The buildings had reduced to ashes, only their skeletons remained standing.

His schoolmates who were attending their lectures were either killed or injured. All of them died within a few weeks. A large number of people died. It was difficult to dispose of their dead bodies so they burnt these bodies in piles of wood. It was very terrible for the writer to burn his dear ones.


Q:2     Never again should these terrible nuclear weapons be used no matter what happens what kind of message does the writer give us?


The writer gives detail of destruction, pains, anxiety, and suffering of the people caused by the bomb. He has presented the details before us in such a manner that we are also horrified to read those details and think that God forbid if the atom bomb is used nowadays, what kind of effects it would leave upon us. No doubt that our coming generations will never forgive us for such a brutal act. That is why the writer is advising us at the end of the essay that these weapons should never be used by any country because they will produce the same terrible results that the writer has seen with his own eyes.

Unfortunately, some countries including the superpowers are running a race to get the most fatal weapons. They do not know that they are just preparing to make this earth a hell. They should concentrate their energies to use atomic energy for constructive purposes so that the suffering humanity may get advantages out of it and this earth may become a peaceful place.

At the end of the essay, he says that the souls of his friends will never rest in peace if mankind does not renounce the nuclear weapons and their use for the destruction of innocent people

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