1 The sceneries of Swat are lovely. The scenery of Swat is lovely.
2 The furnitures in this room are good. The furniture in this room is good.
3 She gave me two advices. She gave me two pieces of advice.
4 She shouted vulgar abuses at me. She shouted vulgar abuse at me.
5 She wrote three poetries She wrote three poems.
6 The hen ate many rices. The hen ate many grains of rice.
7 He made many mischiefs. He made many pieces/acts of mischief.
8 He ran into many troubles. He ran into much trouble.
9 He gave me two informations. He gave me two pieces of information.
10 She told me two news. She told me two pieces of news.
11 She took tea with her family members. She took tea with the members of her family.
12 Cattle is eating grass. Cattle are eating grass.
13 Cattles are eating grass. Cattle are eating grass.
14 Ten miles are a long distance. Ten miles is a long distance.
15 He gave me a fifty rupees note. She gave me a fifty rupee note.
16 Her hairs are curly. Her hair is curly.
17 Politics are a game. Politics is a game.
18 Two sheeps are eating grass. Two sheep are eating grass.
19 I like fresh fruits. I like fresh fruit
20 He grows a variety of fruit. He grows a variety of fruits.
21 I bought two dozens eggs. I bought two dozen eggs.
22 She bought some stationeries. She bought some stationery.
23 He caught two fishes. He caught two fish.
24 I have two works to do. I have two pieces of work to do.
25 I have a business in the office. I have a piece of business in the office.
26 We spent the summer vacations in Swat We spent the summer vacation in Swat
27 The United States are a rich country. The United States is a rich country.
28 The United Nations are not working for us. The United Nations are not working for us.
29 We have read many poetries. We have read many poems
30 He issues order to release him. He issues orders to release him.
31 He takes pain over his work. He takes pains over his work.
32 I have an urgent work/business at home. I have an urgent piece of work/business at home.
33 The table’s leg is broken. The leg of table is broken.
34 She has Naeem’s book. She has book of Naeem.
35 I was busy in my study. I was busy in my studies.
36 I am twenty years old. I am twenty year old.
37 Vermin is seen everywhere in rainy season. Vermin are seen everywhere  in rainy season.
38 He killed two deers. He killed two deer.
39 I saw many deers. I saw many deer.
40 He bought four scores of oranges. He bought four score of oranges.
41 For  God’ sake, help me. For God’s sake help me.
42 For justice’s sake, I did so. For justice’ sake, I did so.
43 Measles are spreading rapidly. Measles is spreading rapidly.
44 Please put your sign here Please put your signature here

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