235 The bird was sitting on the tree. The bird was sitting in the tree.
236 The stars are shining on the sky, The stars are shining in the sky.
237 I hate from cruelty. I hate cruelty.
238 The lion attacked on the hunter. The lion attacked the hunter.
239 We reached at the station in time. We reached the station in time.
240 You can pass in die examination. You can pass the examination.
241 She is kind on me. She is kind to me.
242 The knife is to cut The knife is to cut with.
243 The page is to write. The page is to write on.
244 The house is to live. The house is to live in.
245 The patient has been operated. The patient has been operated upon.
246 He is angry at me. He is angry with me.
24? She is angry with my performance. She is angry at my performance.
248 The letter is written with pencil. The letter is written in pencil.
249 I am writing the letter in pencil. I am writing the letter with pencil.
250 He likes to write with blue ink. He likes to write in blue ink.
251 She could not sit in the exam. She could not sit for the exam.
252 He sat under the shade of a tree. He sat under the in of a tree.
253 She is blind of her right eye. She is blind in her right eye.
254 He is blind in his shortcomings. He is blind to his shortcomings.
255 This cheque is of the United Bank. This cheque is on the United Bank. .
256 This cheque is of Rs. 20000/- This cheque is for Rs. 20000/-
257 I will say it on his face. I will say it to his face.
258 What is he for you? What is he to you?
259 He died from TB. He died of TB.
260 She is ill from fever. She is ill with a fever.
261 She congratulated me for my success. She congratulated me on my success.
262 She resembles to her mother. She resembles her mother.
263 The examination will begin from Sunday. The examination will begin on Sunday.
He reached at the station. He reached the station.

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