1 She never speaks a lie. She never tells a lie.
2 She opened the knot She untied the knot
3 She has written a letter last night She wrote a letter last night
4 The boat drowned into the lake. The boat sank into the lake.
5 Two men sank in the sea. Two men drowned in the sea.
6 A duck was swimming in the  pool. A duck was floating in the pool.
7 A boy was floating in the canal A boy was swimming in the canal.
8 A picture was hanged on die wall. A picture was hung on the wall.
9 The murderer was hung yesterday. The murderer was hanged yesterday.
10 The hen has lain an egg. The hen has laid an egg.
11 She was laying in the bed. She was lying in die bed.
12 You will pass if you will work hard. You will pass if you work hard.
13 If he worked hard, he win pass. If he worked hard, he would pass.
14 If he had worked hard, he will have passed. If he had worked hard, he would have passed
15 She said that she is ill. She said that she was ill
16 I fear to pass die exam. I hope to pass die exam.
17 I hope to lose die game. I fear to lose die game.
18 He told that he was ill. He told that he was sick
19 The boy has given the examination. The boy has taken the examination.
20 The lion invaded the hunter. The lion attacked the hunter.
21 She has taken admission to the college. She has got admission to the college.
22 He refused that he had told a lie. He denied that he had told a lie.
23 He denied to help me. He refused to help me.
24 He refuses the existence of God. He denies the existence of God.
25 She with her daughters are taking tea. She with her daughters is taking tea.
26 I as well as you were wrong. I as well as you was wrong.
27 Either he or I are wrong. Either he or I am wrong.
28 A number of boys has failed. A number of boys have failed.
29 Majority in Pakistan are poor. Majority in Pakistan is poor.
30 Majority of the people in Pakistan is poor. Majority of the people in Pakistan are poor.
31 Two and two makes four. Two and two make four.
32 Do not let him to go. Do not let him go.
33 She had better to take the exam. She had better take the exam.
34 She works hard lest she should not fail. She works hard lest she should fail.
35 It is raining since morning. It has been raining since morning.
36 He has been absent for long. He has been absent for a long time, OR He has been absent since long.
37 Why he ate bread? Why did he eat bread?
38 He makes friend. He makes friends.
37 Each the student have done his work. Each the student has done his work.
38 Every one of them are lazy. Every one of them is lazy.
39 Black and white TV are Cheap. Black and white TV is cheap.
40 Cutting the grass, a snake bit him. Cutting the grass, he was bitten by a snake.
41 Opening the door, a handle was broken. Opening the door, he broke the handle.
42 Opening the book, the lesson was learnt Opening the book, she learnt the lesson.
43 He had not met me two days ago. He did not meet me two days ago.
44 She is one of those who is liked by me. She is one of those who are liked by me.
45 She prevented me to go there. She prevented me from going there.
46 He knows to swim. He knows how to swim.
47 Ali looks happily. Ali looks happy.
48 He is feeling hunger. He is feeling hungry.
49 Union is consisted in faith. Union consists in faith.
50 She wants that I should help her. She wants me to help her.
51 Every Muslim should wear a beard. Every Muslim should have a beard.
52 Climbing down the tree, an egg was broken While he was climbing down the tree, he broke an egg.
53 Being a rainy day, I could not come.


It being a rainy day I could not come.
  He is too happy. He is very happy
  He is very weak to walk. He is too weak to walk.
  She is much happy. She is very happy.
  He is much tall. He is very tall.
  She is very taller than her sister. She is much taller than her sister.
  He is much delighted. He is very delighted.
  Israel is very hated by the Muslims. Israel is much hated by the Muslims.
  This book is much interesting. This book is very interesting.
  She is very kind enough to me. She is very kind to me.
  He is enough kind to help me. He is kind enough to help me.
  He helps me frequently. He frequently helps me.
  He treats the poor friendly. He treats the poor in a friendly manner
  She walks lovely. She walks in a lovely manner.
  Neither he comes nor goes. He neither comes nor goes. OR Neither does he come nor does he go.
  He ran lest he might miss the train. He ran lest he should miss the train.
  He is beautifully singing. He is singing beautifully.
  She bought many sugar. She bought much sugar.
  She has much books. She has many books.
  Writing books is too much difficult. Writing books is much too difficult.
  He reads good. He reads well.
  He is too happy. He is very happy


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