Q.1.   The solitary Reaper as a romantic poem.20004(S)

          What are the elements of romanticism?

Or     The poem deals with the common experience of life. Discuss. 2002

Or     Why was the poet so greatly impressed by the maiden’s song? 2003

Or     What is the poet’s idea of association and memories? 2009

Or     What music did words worth bear in heart afterward he left the solitary reaper behind?

Or     Why does Wordsworth call the Solitary Reaper’s Song ‘A melancholy strain’?


The Solitary Reaper, a lyrical poem by Wordsworth, a renowned romantic poet who deals with the common experience of daily life. In this poem, the poet is deeply impressed by the beautiful, rich, and melodious voice of a highland girl who was reaping and singing at the same time. The lovely singer appeared to be a part of that beautiful scene of nature.

Her voice was so soothing and relishing that it left an everlasting impact on the poet’s mind. The poet did not understand the contents of the song as it was in a foreign language. He guessed that it was the tale of old and tragic events of the past. It could also be an account of some recent calamity or mishap.

Whatever the theme of the song, it was sung in a beautiful, rich voice. The song seemed to be endless. The poet was bewitched by the thrilling notes of the lonely reaper. The whole valley was ringing with her silvery sound. Even the spring bird Cuckoo could not produce such a magical effect as the maiden’s song cost on the poet.

The poet stood still and listened to that golden voice for some time. Afterward, when he was climbing the hill he could not hear that song any longer. But he was still feeling the sweet vibrations of that music in his heart. The sweet memory of that song had become a permanent source of joy. Hence this sweet poem proves the truth of Keats,   “A thing of beauty is a joy forever

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