Q.1.   Describe the scene in which the patriot was received by the people year ago? Why did the followers of the poet throw myrtle on his way?


The patriot narrates about his warm welcome by the people a year ago. He says when he was popular with the people, they loved him very much. His paths were decorated with roses. The tops of houses were crowded with the people who were raising slogans in his favour. The people had decorated buildings like churches with colourful flags. There were so many people on the roofs that it seemed the roofs were shaking with the cries and slogans of the people. It was such a gorgeous scene of his welcome only one year ago. The patriot says that he was very much popular with the people. When he called out them, they would produce such a noise in response to his call that it was difficult to understand something. He says that if he would ask the people to get the sun or the stars from the sky, they would be willing even to do that. They were even ready to sacrifice their lives for him. Now, this was such a remarkable scene that every political leader would like to have. 185


Q.2.   Describe the scene of the downfall of the patriot.

Or       How is the patriot repaid for his public services? 2007 G-II

Or       The patriot is a great optimist. Explain.


            We read the warm welcome of the patriot in the first two paragraphs. But this welcome was ironically changed into hateful slogans and condemnation only after a year. The patriot himself admits that he had committed some misdeeds due to which the people turned against him. A year later he was taken to the gallows. His hands were tied behind his back and a tight rope was cutting his wrists. Now there were no people who were sitting at their windows. Though the people were present on his way yet they were not welcoming him rather they were shouting slogans against him. Some were throwing stones at him due to which his forehead was bleeding. The patriot admits that this ironical change of his fate is not without any reason. It was he who tried to attain the impossible and also gave undue favours to his friends and relatives. This thing annoyed the people a lot and they turned against him and finally they hanged him. Now, he will be rewarded by God in the life hereafter. It shows that the poet is a great optimist. 186


Q.3.   Discuss the poem as a dramatic monologue

            In a monologue, a speaker talks to the readers directly and tells what happened to him. A dramatic monologue involves a good deal of actions, elements of suspense and horror and bloodshed.

When we go through the poem Patriot into Traitor we find all the elements, necessary to constitute a dramatic monologue. First of all, we are suspense bound what a fate that is being inflicted on such a patriot. When the patriot is being taken to the gallows, we find action and bloodshed. We read that his wrists are tied and a tight rope is cutting them. His forehead is bleeding because the people present on the tops of their roofs are throwing stones at him. All these involve a great deal of action.

Then in the final scene, we see that the patriot is taken to the gallows where he is supposed to be hanged. This involves bloodshed which is the crowing point of the drama. As all this incident is being narrated to us by the patriot himself and this incident also involves all the necessary elements of a drama, we can say that this poem is a dramatic monologue.190


Q.4.   What is the relevance of this poem to the political conditions prevailing in the countries of this world?

            When we go through the poem keenly we find an utter relevance to the political conditions prevailing in the third world countries and the patriot presented in the poem is relevant to the patriots of the third world countries. The people of these countries are not able enough to judge between right and wrong. They are uneducated and unaware of their social and political role. The poet says that in the early part of the life of a political leader, people start worshipping their favourites leader and after some time there starts the downfall of the patriot. The same was the case with the patriot presented in the poem. He was received very warmly by the people a year ago but was hanged at the end due to his misdeeds. The same has been the case with many prominent leaders of the third world.

In these countries, especially in Asian countries, many leaders have been hanged after so much adoration. In our dear country Pakistan, there were some leaders who were very much favourite with the people but when their downfall came, no one regretted of their death. Actually the people of the third world are the worshippers of the rising sun.

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