1. Why could not the girl describe the killer? 2009,

The girl could not describe the killer because she had not seen him clearly due to the darkness of night. It was also because she was very frightened.

  • What were the circumstances that forced her to leave her car? 2009

It was raining heavily with lightening and bursts of thunder in a dark stormy night. The car of the girl ran out of fuel. These circumstances forced her to leave her car.

  • Why did she ask for help from the first man? 2009,07S

The girl thought that the killer who was dragging out the dead body of a girl would be chasing her to kill her. She was really in danger. She thought the first man a sincere and truthful person so she asked for help to save her life.

  • What was the condition of weather? 2009,07,06,08

The condition of weather was very unpleasant and dangerous. It was raining heavily with terrible flashes of lightening and bursts of thunder.

  • How did the second man accuse the first man of lying? 2008, 07,

The first man hid the girl and pretended to be alone in the waiting room whereas the second man had already seen the girl inside through the window glass. When she came out of the women’s room, the second man accused him of lying.

  • Did the girl become suspicious of the first man as the play progresses? 2006,07

The girl did not become suspicious of the first man as the play progresses. When she reached the bus stop he was already there. She thought that the killer was after her and he could not reach before her. She thought him a sincere and truthful person because he assured her very tactfully of his full cooperation and help.

  • What is the impression of her about the second man? 2008

The impression of the girl about the second man is very suspicious. She clearly suspects him to be a killer who was dragging out the dead body of a girl and running after her. This is why she avoids him throughout his meeting on the bus stop and does not accompany him when the bus arrives.

  • Why did she not accompany the second man? 2009II,2008,07S,

The girl suspected him the same killer that was dragging out the dead body of a girl and that was running after her to kill her. She did not accompany the second man to the bus for the fear of being killed by the killer during the journey.

  • How did she realize the truth? Or When did the first man prove to be a killer? Or How did the girl recognize the killer?

When girl saw her flash light which was lost by her on the way with the first man, she realized the truth that the first man was the same killer that was running after her to kill her.

  1. What are the factors that played their role saving the girl?

Flash light and the dog are the factors that played their role in saving the girl.

The girl let out a muffed cry.

She shudders at her own thought

The girl begins sobbing again.

The girl slams the door.

She had been defensive before.

The door rattles viciously.

Girl: hysterically thank God you are here.



  1. How does Kreton prove his extraordinary powers?

      Mr. Kreton, a man from some far-off planet has extraordinary powers. He proves his extraordinary powers by reading the mind of General Powers about his promotion, creating an invisible wall around his spaceship and   by making General Powers and AIDE stagnant on their feet. His knowledge about the earth and claim to conquer and rule the whole world solitarily also prove his extraordinary powers.

  • What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton? 2009,2008,

The purpose of his visit is to know about the progress and development made by the people on the earth. He also wants to conquer and rule the whole world.

  • What is the theme of the study of Kreton?2008Or how much knowledge has Kreton about the earth?

His theme of study is to know about the progress and development made by the people on the earth. He has full knowledge of earth. He says that earth is divided into five continents. It is mostly water. It has one moon and its civilization is just in its initial stages.

  • How much advance is the civilization of Kreton than that of the earth?

      The civilization of Kreton is 2000 years more advanced than that of the earth.

  • Can the people of the earth compete with the people of Kreton? Or why can the       people of the earth not compete with the people of Kreton? 2008

The people of the earth cannot compete with the people of Kreton because the civilization of the people of Kreton is much more advanced than that of the people of the earth. It is 2000 years more advanced than the civilization of the earth. They have knowledge of all languages. They can read    the minds of earthly people.       

  • How much damaging is violence in life? 2009II,

      Violence is very much damaging in life because it destroys peace and love and gives birth to       terrorism, injustice and disorder in the society. It also becomes a hurdle in the way of progress and       development of an economy.

  • How much impressive were the morals of Kreton?

      The morals of Kreton were very much impressive. He was very gentle and polite person. He was very amicable with everyone. He did not take any thing ill. He did not show anger when General Powers attacked him. He answered everybody’s questions with patience. He tried his best to pacify the curiosity about him and his planet.

  • What is the role of General Powers in the play? 2009

      General Powers is dutiful and powerful chief of the National Guard. The role of General Powers is of military officer and defender of his country. He is faithful to his beloved country. He tries to know the purpose of coming of Kreton. He tries hard to arrest Kreton but his extraordinary powers save him.

  • What type of life do you see in year 5000?

      In year 5000, life on the earth would be fully mechanized. The manifestations of science and technology will be seen in every walk of life. There will be complete rule of technology over the world. Life will be of supernatural style.

  1. How does Kreton impress General Powers? 2009 I&II,2008

Kreton impresses General Powers by his extraordinary powers of reading the mind of General Powers about his promotion, creating an invisible wall around his spaceship and by making General Powers and AIDE stagnant on their feet when they are ready to arrest him.



  1. Where does the play take place?

      The play takes place at the shop of Harry Van Dusen a barber of the town O.K-by-the-sea in California.

  • Why is Harry sitting on the barber’s chair?2008

      Harry is sitting in the barber’s chair because he is being given a haircut by his apprentice namely Clay Lassabee.

  • According to Harry how does one bring merriment to the tired old human heart?

      According to Harry one can bring merriment to the human heart by performing some artistic activity or creative work such as composing a symphony, painting a picture, writing a book and inventing a philosophy.

  • What is Harry’s philosophy? 2009 I&II,

      Harry’s philosophy is ‘take it easy’ in order to live happy. His philosophy indicates that a man should lead his life in an easy way. This saves man from tension and depression.

  • How much did Harry pay the barber’s shop?  

      Harry paid seventy-five dollars for his barbershop.  

  • How long has he been in

      He has been there for twenty-four years.

  • How many barbers in O.K-by-the sea?

      There are no barbers in O.K-by-the-Sea except Harry Van Dusen.

  • How much does Harry charge for haircuts?

      The regular charge is one dollar per haircut, but Harry being a considerate person charges usually a half or even a quarter according to the financial position of the customer.

  • Where is clay going?

      Clay is going towards the beach to find something “real good” which he would sell in the market to earn money.

  1. Why does clay need money?

      Clay needs money to put an advertisement in the newspaper to get his fugitive father back home. This is why he needs money.

  1. What/why does clay want to advertise in the local newspaper? 2008,

      Clay wants to put an advertisement in the newspaper to appeal his fugitive father to get back home. He requests him to forget everything. All the members of family are missing him. It is also a good fishing season and he can earn his livelihood here living with his family.

  1. What has happened to clay’s father? 2008

      Larra bee’s family is poor. Clark has four offspring. He rows with his wife persistently for a month for poverty and then one day he leaves the house without informing members of his family and starts working in Salinos.

  1. Who is Miss McCutheon?  How does she feel about her job?

      Miss Mccutcheon is the new school teacher at O.K-by-the-Sea. She is so disheartened with the rude behavior of the students that she wants to quit her job and go back home. She is not satisfied about her job of a teacher.

  1. What is Miss McCutheon lookng for?  

      Miss Mccutcheon is looking for a good atmosphere for teaching. She looks for the changed attitude of the children towards their studies.  

  1. How does she feel about the children of the town?

      She feels that the children of the town are uninterested in their studies. They are careless and rude. They spend most of their time in playing games instead of learning education.

  1. What does harry advise her to do?

      Harry advises her to go to Francisco for some new job because the town O.K-by-the-Sea is not suitable for her. He also advises her to teach the children English, singing, dancing and cooking.

  1. What kind of haircut Miss McCutheon want?

      Miss Mccutcheon wants a poodle haircut to change her appearance, which would then, suit the fashion of the town more appropriately.

  1. Does Harry give women haircuts? Can Harry give poodle haircut?2009,

      No, Harry doesn’t give women haircuts because he doesn’t consider himself skilled enough to give her a poodle haircut.  He also does not give haircut to women.

  1. Why does Miss McCutheon want a poodle haircut?

      She wants a poodle haircut to change her appearance, which would then, suit the fashion of the town more appropriately.

  • Where has Clark been?  How did he get to OK.-by-the-sea?

      He has been working in Salinas since he left his family. He got a ride in a truck to get in O.K-by-the-sea.

  • What does Clark give Harry? For what purpose?

      He gives Harry thirty dollars that he had saved to give to his family.

  • How far is it to Hollywood from O.K.-by-the-sea?

      Hollywood is about two hundred miles straight on the highway from O.K-by-the-Sea.

  • What work does the man do?

      He is a writer.

  • What did Clay find and from where? 2009

      Clay found an oyster near Black Rock.

  • What does clay believe in the Oyster?  How much is it worth?

      Clay believes that there is a costly pearl inside that oyster. He thinks it is worth at least three hundred dollars.

  • Does McCutheon believe there is a pearl in the Oyster?

      No, she does hot believe that there is a pearl in Clay’s oyster. She suggests that it is just Clay’s wishful thinking that makes him hope that there is a pearl in his oyster but the truth is otherwise.

  • Why does McCutheon have a chair with three legs?

      Miss Mccutcheon has a chair with three legs with which she wants to bring things form the sea.

  • What kind of judge is Applegarth? What do you know about Applegarth?2009

      According to Harry, Applegarth is not a judge by profession. Once he judged animals at a county fair and he was nicknamed judge.

  • What year is it?

      It is 1953.

  • What does Greeley have in the bottle?

      Greeley has seawater in the bottle.

  • Why do they want Wozzeck to come?

      Wozzeck is an expert watch repairer in the town. They want him to come to the shop so as to open the oyster without damaging it or the pearl, if there is one inside it.

  • Who suggests to open the Oyster?

      Miss Muuctheon suggests to open the oyster so that the mystery whether there is a pearl in it or not may be solved.

  • How does Harry describe the people of O.K.-by-the-Sea?

      Harry describes the poverty of the inhabitants of O.K-by- the-Sea. They cannot pay for the haircut. Some of them go to other places for jobs. A few get pensions. Every family has a garden and a few chickens, and they earn some money by selling vegetables and eggs. Some times there are quarrels in the family between husband and wife due to financial problems.

  • How does McCutheon view Harry’s thinking about the pearl in the Oyster?

      Miss Mccutcheon criticizes Harry’s thinking about the pearl in the oyster. She thinks that Harry is misguiding Clay regarding a precious pearl in his oyster.

  • Why does the judge think that McCutheon will not last as teacher? 

      The judge thinks that Miss Mccutcheon is very pretty and delicate. She cannot adjust herself as a teacher in their town.

  • What king of character does the judge think is needed?

      He thinks that their town needs an old, experienced and strict teacher for children.

  • What is Applegarth’s complaint about the sea? 2008

      Applegerth thinks that the quality of the stuff, the sea throws on the beach is not good. The children pick everything from there and leave nothing for the old people.

  • What kind of gadget does the writer describe?

      The writer tells about a gadget in New York that is like a safety razor and which can easily be used by anybody to give a haircut to anybody.

  • How much does he pay?

      The writer buys the oyster for three hundred dollars.

40.Does the writer open the Oyster? Why not?

      The writer does not open the oyster because he knows that there is no pearl inside it, but he buys it for three hundred dollars because he wants to help Clay’s poor family. This is why he says, “The whole thing is pearl.”

41. Why does Clark Larrabee return?

   Clark Larrabee returns home as soon as he reads the classified advertisement given in the local    newspaper. He realizes that his children love him and need his presence at home.

42. What does the writer do with the Oyster?

   The writer puts the oyster in his coat pocket before he leaves Harry’s shop.

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