Pakistan Studies

Suggestions Or Remedies To Overcome The Problems

1.Reclamation of Land

The land which has been declared useless due to salinity and water-logging should be reclaimed.Tube-wells should be installed in the affected areas to decrease the salinity.Beds of new canals should be made of concrete to avoid water-logging.These measures should be taken on priority basis to avoid further deterioration of land . 

2.Irrigation Facilities

The major problem of agriculture in Pakistan is scarcity of water.Most of the land is lying unused due to this problem.Therefore,it is necessary that the irrigation facilities be extended for increasing agricultural out put. 

3.The Use Of Fertilizers

The agricultural yield can also be increased to a great extent by using fertilizers.The use of artificial manure should be introduced through out the country.Due to poverty and illiteracy our farmers hesitate to purchase the fertilizers. 

4.Credit Facilities

The use of better seeds,fertilizers and modern implements is not possible without adequate credit facilities for the farmers.The government has extended the existing credit facilities to a large extent. The commercial banks also grant loans to the farmers,but still there is a need for more facilities as our farmers are very poor. 

5.Better Seeds

The farmers should be provided better quality seeds at the lowest price and at the right time.Better seeds will ultimately give better yield. 

6.Plant Protection

Various plant diseases damage a large part of our crops.But our farmers have no effective control over them.Therefore,preventive and neurative measures should be taken throughout the country. 


Mechanization of agriculture refers to the use of various equipments the different stages of cultivation.By the use of modern equipments better results can be achieved in the shortest time. 

8.Co-operative Farming

Co-operative farming refers to the farming done on the basis of mutual help and co-operation.Under this method the small holdings are consqildated .In this way the owners of small holdings can also use fertilizers and modern equipments jointly.After harvesting,the yield can be distributed among the owners according to their ownership. 

9.Education Level

Increase of literacy ratio in rural areas especially in agre-education is the need of the day.The more educated the farmers will be the better will be the results achieved. 

10.Marketing Facilities

Marketing procedures should be simplified and various marketing facilities should be provided to the cultivators. 

11.Improvement In The Means Of transportation And Communication

The rural areas of the country must be provided with road and railway links with marketing centres and better means of transport and communication should be provided.