Pakistan Studies

(B) Distribution of Sex

The last three population censuses estimates and also that of 1992 are as follows: 

Census Year—————–Total————– Male———————————Female 

1961————————– 42,978————-23,017 ——————————-19,961 






(C) Distribution By Age

According to 1981 census the distribution of population by age is as under: 

(1) Under 15 years-44.04% 

(ii) 15 to 54 years-51.84% 

(iii) 65 years and above-4.12% 

It will be observed that people falling in the age group (15 t 54) years may be considered working population which is 51.84%,remaining 48.16% is the dependent population .The high degree of dependency is due to the high proportion of children in the total population. 


(D) Literacy-Wise Population

In Pakistan the literate people in towns is higher than in villages.Similarly it is higher in men than in women.Ratio of educated men and women is 23% and 7.5% respectively.Among the literate persons in Pakistan only 3.15% have been educated upto secondary school level or above.According to the present census report,only 20% of the workers are educated .Only 0.40% of the total population have done their B.A Even fewer are highly educated.