Pakistan Studies

Short Questions


1.Area of Pakistan. 
Ans.Area of Pakistan is 796095 or 310403 miles. 

2.Total Population of Pakistan. 
Ans.According to the census of March 1991,the local population of Pakistan is 83782000.As on January 1,1992 the population was estimated to be 117.32 million. 

3.Important Mountains. 
Ans.The Himaliyas,The Karakoram,The Hindukush,The Suleman mountains,Koh Safes etc. 

4.Rivers of Pakistan. 
Ans.The Indus,the Sutlej,the Ravi ,the Chenab,The Jhelum,River Swat,River Kabul,River Bolan etc. 

5.Important “Doabs” of Pakistan. 
The land which lies between the two rivers is known as “Doab” e.g.Bari Doab,Rachna Doab,Chaj Doab and Sind Sagar Doab. 

6.The plateaus of Pakistan. 
Ans.Potwar Plateau and Baluchistan Plateau. 

7.Passes of Pakistan. 
Ans.Khyber Pass,Bolan Pass,Tochi Pass,Gomal Pass,Lawari Pass etc. 

8.Deserts of Pakistan. 
Ans.Thal Desert,Cholistan Desert,Nara Desert and Thar Desert. 

9.Climatic regions of Pakistan. 
Ans.1.Sub-tropical continental highlands. 
2.Sub-tropical continental lowlands. 
3.Sub-tropical continental plateau. 
4.Tropical coast lands. 

10.Climatic Seasons of Pakistan. 
Ans.1.Winter Season (from November to February) 
2.Summer Season (from March to June) 
3.Rainy Season (from July to October) 

11.Administrative Divisions of Pakistan. 
Ans.Pakistan comprises of four provinces with Federal Capital Islamabad.The Provinces are Punjab,Sindh,N.W.F.P. and Baluchistan. 

12.Dry ports of Pakistan. 
Ans.Lahore dry port,Quetta and Sialkot dry ports. 

13.Sea ports of Pakistan. 
Ans.Karachi port and Port Qasim. 

14.Important Dams. 
Ans.Mangla dam,Tarbela dam and Warsak dam. 

15.Important Barrages. 
Ans.Chashma Barrage,Guddu Barrage,Taunsa Barrage,Jinnah Barrage etc. 

16.What are the food crops of Pakistan. 
Ans.Rice ,Wheat,Barley and Corn. 

17.Name the main agricultural products of Pakistan. 
Ans.Wheat,Cotton,barley,rice,sugar cane,millets(Jawar and bajra),grams and tobacco. 

18.What are the main mineral resources of Pakistan. 
Ans.Coal,natural gas,chromite,gypsum,petroleum,iron,ore,rock salt and copper. 

19.What are the main industrial centres of Pakistan. 

20.What are the main industries of Pakistan. 
Ans.Cotton Textile Industry,Cement Industry,Sugar Cane Industry,Woolen Textile Industry. 

21.Main Imports of Pakistan. 
Ans.Mineral Oil,Edible Oil,dyes and colours,machineries,chemicals and drugs,tea,paper. 

22.Main exports of Pakistan. 
Ans.Cotton cloth,cotton yarn,raw cotton,rice,carpets,rugs,leather,synthetic textile,fish and their products.