Pakistan Studies

Economic Importance

1.Both upper and lower Indus plain are the most important agricultural areas in Pakistan .Wheat ,rice ,cotton,sugar cane,malze,barley,millets,grains,,oil seeds,tobacco and fruits are the main crops. 

2.The plain areas produce the bulk of food grains,agricultural raw ,material ,vast market,food poducts and manufactured goods.Hence most of the Pakistan’s greatest industries are located in the plains. 

3.These plains with gentle slope ,levelled lopography are suitable for the construction of canals.Our Pakistan has got world’s one of the most exellent system of irrigation. 

4.The ease of mobility on plains also facilitates the exchange of foods,hence Pakistan’s roads and railways are found mobily in the plain areas. 

5.The economic activities of man are the greatest in the plains also the developed,civilized,cultured areas,greatest cities consontration of population in Pakistan are found in there areas. 

6.Actually the plain areas are the gift of the Indus and its tributariesn .Also these plains are the cradles of the old civilization e.g.Mohen-jo-daro in Sindh and Harrappa in Punjab. 


The Desert Regions

There are three different desert areas located in Punjab and Sindh e.g.: 

1.Thal Desert: 

More than three fourth of the Sindh Sagar Doab is still a desert or semi-desert (in between Chenab-Jhelum and indus river). 

2.The area in South of Bahawalpur is an arid waste of shifting sand and is known as “Cholistan”. 

3.In the eastern parts of the Khairpur and Tharparkar districts,the desert areas are known as “Pat” and “Thar” respectively. 

Economic Importance

Annual rainfall is less than 5.Population is very sparse Agriculture is carried on with the help of durigation.Also rearing of animals is carried on to some extent. 


The Indus Delta

The Indus Delta is marked by a number of tributaries of the Indus River,from Thatta to Arabian Sea.Most of the part is covered with mangrove swamps.The eastern part is more swampy than the western.Most of the area is barren.Agriculture is carried out in small patches. 

Economic Importance

The major part of the delta is burren.Agriculture is practiced in small patches.The irrigational facilities provided by the Kotri Barrage have made it possible to reclaim a vast area of the delta. 


Coastal Areas

Pakistan has about 600 miles of coastline ,about 150 miles of which is in Sindh from Kutch to Karachi and about 450 miles long coast is in Baluchistan from Karachi to Jiwani. 

Economic Importance

The progress of any country depends upon its coastal importance.International trade with the out side world is carried on through its ports.For this purpose,in Pakistan,the ports of Karachi and port Qasim are of very great importance .Also these ports have great defence value.Majority of the coastal population are fishermen.Fish is not only consumed as food internally,but it is also a source of earning foreign exchange.