Pakistan Studies


According to Indus Basin Treaty five barrages have been built and various link canals have been taken out from these barages. 

1.Chashma Barrage

A barrage has been built on River Indus at Chashma .A link Canal has been taken out from the right bank of Chashma providing water to canals of jhelum and Chenab.The work of Chashma wast Bank is under progress.It is hoped that after completion,this canal will irrigate large area of barren land in Dera ismail Khan and dera Ghazi Khan districts. 
The other Barrages from where the following link canals have been taken out are: 
1. Rasul at Jhelum 
2. Near Qadirabad on Chenab 
3. Near Sighnaj on Ravi 
4. Near Mailsi below the existing Islam headworks on the Sutlej. 
All these Barrages have a total length of nearly 3 1/2 miles.These barrages are providing about 100,000 cusecs of water to their link canals. 

Link Canals

1.The Rasul-Qadirabad :

A 30 miles long canal has been built linking Rasul with Qadirabad and 19,000 cusecs water has been brought from Jhelum to Chenab. 


Qadirabad-Baloki link canal is supplying 18,600 cusec combine water of Jhelum and Chenab to Ravi at baloki.It is about miles long. 

3.The Balloki Sulemanki Link:

This link canal is providing 6,500 cusec water of Ravi to the Sutlej canals ,e.g.Pakpattan and Depalpur canals. 

4.The Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal:

This link canal is 63 miles long and it is supplying 21,700 cusecs water of Indus from Chashma to Jhelum so that the supply of water at Trimmu head works can be maintained. 

5.Trmmu-Sidhnal Link Canal:

Trmmu-Sidhnal link canal is providing 11,000 cusec combined water of Indus ,Jhelum and chenab at Sidhnal on Ravi 

6.The Sidhnal-Mailsi-Bahawal Link:

It is a sixty miles long canal,which is carrying the Indus,Jhelum and Chenab waters to the Islam headwrks canals from the Sutlej. 

7.The Taunsa-Punjnad Link Canal:

This link canal is 38 miles long .It is carrying the Indus water for use at the Panjnad headworks.The link canals have a total length of 388 miles with a total capacity of about 100,000 cusec,but the present supply of water from the canal is insufficient for our requirements and a large amount of water is obtained from tube wells and other means.