3. Search For The Fish

Q:3 The fish is a living character with intention and contention. Discuss 2005.
Or Describe Santiago’s search for fish. P.U. 2006.
Or The fish is a symbol of an ideal life for the old man. Discuss 2005

Ans: Santiago, a Cuban fisherman remains unsuccessful in catching fish for eighty-four days. He is optimist and does not lose heart. To catch a big fish is a great intention which definitely will bring great contention for Santiago. It is a source of his livelihood. The fish is a symbol of an ideal life for the old man. It will provide him a chance to prove his mettle in order to remove the stigma of being unlucky.
Santiago, the old man, says to Manolin that eighty five is the lucky number. He decides to go far out in the sea to try his luck. He is sure to catch a big fish on that day. The boy gives him the sardines and two baits. He rows over the part of the sea that the fishermen call it the great well. He sees sea creatures and hears their voices during rowing the boat. He throws one bait at forty fathoms down, the second at seventy-five, the third at one hundred and the last at one hundred and fifty fathoms. He watches the dip of the sticks while rowing gently. He imagines his big fish must be somewhere. Watching his lines he sees one of the projecting sticks dip sharply. One hundred fathoms down a marlin is eating the sardines. “Eat them fish. Please eat them,” he prays to God. After sometime, the marlin eats the bait. The old man thus finally hooks his ‘big fish.’ 226