2. Encounter with the Sharks

Q:2 The encounter with the sharks shows the determination and courage of the old man.
Or Write a note on Santiago’s struggle against the sharks to save the Marlin. (G-ll, 1995)
Or Describe the Old Man’s fight with the sharks. Was he successful in his mission? 2002-II
Or Describe old man’s struggle against sharks. 2004-II, 2003.
Or Killing sharks ultimately would mean defeating death. Discuss 2004-II
Or Describe Santiago’s victory over the sharks. (P.U.2003)
Or Sharks do take away Santiago’s fish but they cannot break his will. Elaborate. S 2006-I
Or Describe Santiago’s adventure with the sharks. Was he able to save anything of the Marlin he caught? (P.U.2001 Supp)
Or Which is the greater challenge for the old man? Struggle with fish or fight with sharks. PU 2007
Or Fight against the sharks is the real test of all mans mettle. PU 2008 G-II
Or Of all the challenges faced by the old man, fight against sharks is the greatest.
Discuss 2008-I
Or Write a note on the heroic spirit of the old man. 2009-I, the old man is a great fighter2007-II

Ans: To kill Marline was not so much difficult for the old man as to save the marline from the attacks of sharks and to kill them. Of all the challenges faced by the old man, fight against sharks is the greatest and proved to a real test of the old man’s mettle. Sharks do take away Santiago’s fish but they cannot break his will.
On the eighty fifth day Santiago went into deep waters and hooked a big fish namely Marline after a great struggle. He secured it alongside the boat and set sail for home. The blood of the big fish invited the sharks to attack. The Old Man hit the brain of the shark with his harpoon. It took about forty pound of the meat of the big fish, the harpoon and all the rope. The old man thought the marlin’s blood would attract more sharks. He said, But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.
After two hours’ sailing, two more sharks came. The old man tied his knife with the oar and drove it into the spinal chord of one of the sharks. They sank into the sea with a quarter of the marlin’s best meat. Soon after came the fourth shark. The Old man thrust the knife in to his hide. It took one fourth of the best meat of his big fish with knife before he died. The old man not accepting his defeat cried, “I will try it as long as I have the oars and the short club and the tiller”.
Just before sunset, the fifth and the sixth sharks came. He clubbed them into death. But he knew that a full half of the marlin had been eaten away. He said to himself, “I will fight them until I die’. At mid-night, the sharks came in a pack. He clubbed them to death. One caught his club and was gone. He then took the tiller and hit on the sharks. The tiller broke and was gone. He then attacks another shark with the broken tiller. The fight with sharks comes to an end but nothing was left of big Marline except skeleton. 250/304