Q:17 Why does he compare himself with his favorite base bailer Di-Maggio? P.U. 1QQ9. Or What are qualities of DiMaggio that the old man takes a lot of inspiration? 2004. Or Write a brief character sketch of DiMaggio, a baseball player. Or Why was Santiago so fond of DiMaggio? Discuss.

Ans: DiMaggio is the hero of Santiago’s mind. He remains present throughout the novel but does not appear physically before the reader. He is a favourite player of baseball. Santiago remembers and mentions him whenever he is under pressure. -To avoid the agony, he once again recalls the memory of DiMaggio’s father who was a fisherman. The memory of baseball and great DiMaggio encourages Santiago in his struggle to catch Marlin and to defend it against sharks DiMaggio is very famous player of baseball. He is Yankeg. Santiago –mentions DiMaggio while having conversation with Manolin. Santiago hajs^rrqjaithjjn^the team of Yankees. He says, “The Yankees cannot lose.” When, Manolin mfprms Santiago that the Yankees had lost the match, his faith in DiMaggio’s abilities is not shaken.
Santiago tells Manolin that DiMaggio’s father was a fisherman. He wishes that DiMaggio should have been a fisherman, too. Santiagoialks to himself about DiMaggio, when he is alone at the sea. He longs for a radio to know ab^iif DiMaggio. He remembers the big leagues when he sees the big marlin. TheJthought of DiMaggio gives him courage. He thinks that he must be worthy of DjMaggiofefc is the symbol of courage and endurance because could play despite pain an’d^siiffering. The old man says, “DiMaggio does all things perfectly even/v^Lth/he jpain of the bone spur in his heel.” The old man want himself *to Be, perfect and exact. So DiMaggio is a source of endurance , courage and strength for the old man. 256