1. Heroism And Gallantry Of Santiago
Significance of fish

Q1: Nothing is easy says the old man in the novel. This is what Hemingway wants us to learn that every man has his challenges in life to meet. Discuss in terms of The Old Man and The Sea.
Or What do you know about the gallantry and heroism of Santiago? Elaborate.
Or How was the biggest fish the biggest challenge for the old man?
Or The old man was deadly tired, but still he did not give up. Explain how he had to bear pain?
Or It is said that fishing is trouble creating and trouble facing profession. Elaborate
Or Nothing is Easy in Life The Biggest Fish The Biggest Challenge
Or Fish I love you and respect you very much but I will kill you dead before the day ends.” 2002
Or Describe old man’s struggle with marline. 2003-II
Or Give Hemingway’s description of catching the big fish marline. 2005-Supp-I
Or The old man’s fight with the marline to the very end without being despaired. Comment 2008-II
Or How Far do skill and resolution of the old man count in his struggle with the big fish? 2019-I
Or He said Fish,” I will stay with you until I am dead.” 2009-II
Or The fish is Santiago’s friend or foe at the same time. Comment.
Or The old man’s honor depended on the success of fight with the fish. Discuss. 2005

Ans: Santiago, an old brave Cuban fisherman could not catch a fish for eighty four days. On the eighty fifth day he went into deep waters and hooked a big fish namely Marline which stood for the biggest targets having biggest challenges in life. Marlin was the hero of the sea. The biggest fish was the biggest challenge for the old man. The old man struggled hard to catch the fish for a number of reasons. The fish was a source of livelihood. It was an opportunity for Santiago to restore his lost self-respect and assert his honor on other fishermen. It provided him a chance to prove his mettle in order to remove the stigma of being unlucky. The old man said prayers to catch the fish. The fish was a great contentment for the old man. So he could not spare this fish at any cost.
Santiago prepared himself for the struggle. The skiff moved slowly off towards the North West. Santiago being an experienced fisherman did not pull the line. The skiff was sailing smoothly with the marlin. At sunset, he said, “I wish I could see him to know what I have against me.”
At midnight, he thought, “We are joined together and have been since noon and no one to help either of us.” Thus gallantry was pitched against gallantry. Marlin rose to full length and reentered the water. Marlin was huge in size and was two feet longer than his skiff. He was not afraid., He said Fish,” I will stay with you until I am dead.”
It was towing the boat continuously all the night. He addressed Marline by saying, “Fish I love you and respect you very much but I will kill you dead before the day ends.”
The sun was rising and the marlin was not tired. The marlin when gave a sudden movement forward, he realized that he must be on the alert all the time. He was feeling a cramp on his left hand. He was badly tired. His back was sore. He had nothing to eat except raw fish. Besides that, he was not ready to give in. He prayed for the death of the marlin and was determined to kill it, no matter how big it was. The old man said, “I will show him what man can do and what a man endures.” On the morning of the third day, the fish rose again and began to circle the boat. Each circle brought him closer and closer to the skiff. The old man attempted to kill him but in vain. On the ninth circle he collected his strength and derived his harpoon into his brain. Marlin fell dead. (317)