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New Powervu Key2

IntelSat 17 @66.East
SONY HD Network 
Tp:3845 H 30000
PowerVU Key
00:BCAF 41BB 6FDE 1F00
01:C53F 3032 DD3B B3004h

Sony Network
AsiaSat.7@ 105.5E
TP.4180 V 30000 
PowerVu Key
00: B055 A6F7 6792 A9
01. CAA9 631B A616 799h

Sony Network
IntelSat.20@ 68.5E
TP.3900 H 22222
PowerVu Key
00. 5C32D5EB5BE4EF
01: 2126860AC822059h

IntelSat 17 @66.East
SONY HD Network 
Tp:3845 H 30000
PowerVU Key
00:BCAF 41BB 6FDE 1F00
01:C53F 3032 DD3B B30020h

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IntelSat.17@ 66.0E 
TP: 3845 H 30000 
MPEG.4/HD PowerVu
00. BC AF 41 BB 6F DE 1F 00 
01. C5 3F 30 32 DD 3B B3 0021 Jan

IntelSat.20@ 68.5E
TP.3900 H 22222
MPEG.4/SD PowerVu
00. 5C32 D5EB 5BE4 EF00
01. 2126 860A C822 050021 Jan

AsiaSat.7@ 105.5E
TP: 4180 V 30000
MPEG.4/HD PowerVu
00. B055A6F76792A900
01. CAA9631BA616790015 Jan

MeaSat 3A @91.5E
TP:3840 V 29720
PowerVu Key
00: 02 B7 68 1B 20 66 84
01: 06 B3 30 1A 6A BD AD15 Jan

MeaSat 3A @91.5E
TP:3840 V 29720
PowerVu Key
00: 02 B7 68 1B 20 66 84
01: 06 B3 30 1A 6A BD AD12 Jan

Sony Ten 4 HD & Sony Ten 4
To Replace Rox HD & LePlex HD
Start PowerVu
Freq:4180 V 30000

Cartoon Network
FREQ 3960 H 27500
Prov ID 00041F
PowerVu Key
01:56AE3C8F2F876B00Load More…

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