Use of Verb

Exercise 1 Hard work never (go) waste.Babul (found) the Munhall Empire.He (be) ill since Monday.He (die) last year.It (rain) now.I (wait) for him for two hours.I (not see) you since Eid.Babb boys always (make) mischief.I am sure he (come) if you ask him.Phosphorous (glow) in the dark. Exercise 2 It (cost) me a lot of money.He refused to admit that he (steal) my books.I (look) for a pencil for five minutes.Hello! You (make) a cake?They (play) hockey since noon.The poor (feed) on Eid day.I was reading a book when he (come) in.I (know) him for a long time.She (go) to theatre very often.Hard work never (go) waste.
Exercise 3 Two minus two (become) zero.Where you (lost) my pen?She has (buy) two dozen pencils.None of the student has (fail).He (come) of age after two years.The boy (be) playing cricket for many hours.After doing his work, he (go) to bed.Wood (float) on water but iron (sink).He is (rest) because he ( be) ill.The musician (sing) till late at night. Exercise 4 I (live) here for ten yearsI (visit) Karachi in 1965She (belong) to a respectable familyWhat have you been (do) all the morningHe is (tell) a lieThe sun (warm) the air and (give) us lightI (not see) you since EidIt (not rain) here for more than a monthAre you (do) your home workI live here since 1973.
Exercise 5 Physics (be) her favorite subject.It (take) two make a quarrel.I (spend) the next week in Multan.Rome (not build) in a day.She (not offer) me a cup of tea yesterday.Salma (cook) the food tomorrow.                          When I reached there, the professor (deliver) the lecture.My father (be) come angry when he (hear) it.He (burn) the woods since morning. Exercise 6 Majority of the people in Pakistan(be) Muslim.Charity (begin) at home.Either you or i  (be) respectable for that.I (not see) you for a long time.The thief (break) into the house yesterday. He (read) the book since noon.She already (decide) to join the college.Why he (play) cricket?Amina was eating apples when I (see) her.I advised him (speak) the truth.
Exercise 7 I (not see) you since Eid.It (cost) me a lot of money.He is (tell) a lie.I (join) the college in September.You (not interfere) in my affairs.I (know) him for along time.He (work) in the factory for ten years.There (be) no use of crying over split milk.They are (wait) for you.The sun (rise) in the east.   Exercise 8 The fire (burn) all the night.We (have) one servant.The poor (feed) on Eid day.He (comes) of age after two years.They (play) hockey since 4 pm.Hello, You make a cake?He (do) well in the last test.You(see) a good film lately.A coward (die) many times before his death.He was (fine) for misconduct.  
Exercise 9 You (be) not in the meetingWhat (does) a stamp collect do?They are (waiting) for you.A drawing man (catch) at a straw.She (go) to collage every day.I (know) him for a long time.Phosphorus (glow) in the dark.We( reach ) home before the sun set.He (go) there regularly for months.We (bath) in the sea. Exercise 10 It was I who (help) him in September.Work hard so that you may (succeed).With a view to (meet) you, I went there.She was saying as if she (be)in great pain.Would that I (be) the president of the club.The patient (die) when the doctor reached.If he (work) hard, he will pass.I (read) a book when she came in.Like poles (attract) each other.Good student never (shirk) work.
Exercise 11 I (join) the college in September.Who knows what (happen) next.I (work) hard very lately.I (know) him for a long time.I (not see) you for a long time.The train (move) as fast as the bus.Phosphorus (glow) in the dark.A rolling stone (gather) no moss.They are (wait) for you.Where did you (go) last evening?   Exercise 12 I (not see) you since Sunday.She (go) to school every day.Salman (come) here a month ago.The mother with her daughter (come).I (live) here since 1980.He (suffer0from fever for ten days.He (come) here yesterday.I (hang) the picture on the wall.This is the man who ( help) me.He (get) an employment in the bank.
Exercise 13   Promise that you (work) in future.His father (send) him money order regularly.When you (intend) to come.He has already (take) the examination.They (play) cricket since 3 p.m.The boy who (meet) you is my brother.I (come) in please sir?When (be) the next train due?Be fair and (not criticize) unjustly.Her beauty (make) me glad. Exercise 14 You must work hard if you (be) a good student.I (study) English for six year.He (work) in the factory for ten year.Dr. Iqbal (be) an eminent poet.I (know) him for a very long time.He (play) well in the last match.He (fine) for misconduct.All good things (come) to an end.He (go) abroad last year.I shall (punish) you.
Exercise 15 They play hockey since 4 p.m.I do not like tea unless it (be) hot.Time once gone cannot be (recall).A drowning man (catch) at a straw.Those who (be) willing to come, are welcome.Where did you (go)?They (play) hockey for 40 minutes.  When I last (see) him, he (live) in Lahore.  She (be) ill for a week.   10.  She (be) ill for a week when we met her.   Exercise 16 As soon as they came out, it (begin) to rain.He (be) in Karachi next week.If you eat excessively, you (be) ill.Why he (not help) you yesterday.How long you (be) there?The (fish) for tow hours.You (see) him last night?She (not) yet finished her work.Just as I (wonder) what to do next, the phone rang.Perhaps they (help) us.
Exercise 17 Cuckoos (not build) nests.He just (go) out.Bad boys always (make) mischief.I (not see) you since Eid.They (come) here a month ago.Why (do) he trust his enemy.They (play) hockey since 4p.m.They work up early in the morning and (say) their prayers. We met a stranger who was (dress) in a strange a costume.If you (do) as I told you. You would have succeeded. Exercise 18 She (sew) a frock now.Are you (do) our work?He (go) to the college daily.They (work) in studio for four hours.They (came) here a month ago.By next month, the birds (migrate).It (rain) continuously since 4 O’clock.I am sure he (come) if you ask him.He (be) sick since Monday.If I (drop) it, it will explode.  
Exercise 19 There (be) no boat on the river now.He usually (go) to Karachi in summer.It (rain) continually for four days.He (rest) because he is ill.He (do) well in the last test.When did you (return) Karachi?He was (fine) for misconduct.If he (work) hard next year, he will pass the examination.If my car (not break) down. I should have caught the train, Exercise 20 We (go) to see a picture last night.It (rain) continually for four days.Are you (do) your homework?What have you been (do) all the morning?I (not see) you since Eid.I (live) here since 1970.The servent (clean) the room.He (do) his home work satisfactorily.It (cost) me a lot of money.I (join) the college in September.  
Exercise 21 It (take) two to make a quarrel.We usually (go) to Murree in summer.It (rain) continually for four days.Rahat (do) well in the last year.I just (take) tea.He (rest) because he (be) ill.She (learn) English at present.When I saw him, he (go) to the station.She told me his name after he (leave).I (not see) you since Friday.  Exercise 22 No one cared for him after his wife (die).I (received) your letter yesterday.He not (come) to work yesterday.The picture was (hang) on the well.The book (print) last year.Waleed succeeded because he (work) hard.Either you or I (is) responsible for that.I (not see) you for a long time.Zoni was eating apples when I (see) her.If you (work) hard, you would have passed.
Exercise 23                                                                Good students always (get) good marks.She just (telephone) me.We (learn) English for four years.They (not go) Murry last year.We just start dinner when our father came home.Before the doctor came, the patient (die).As soon as he is ready, we start for the station.When I saw him he (go) to the college.We sat down to rest after he(go).If you had worked hard you (pass) the examination last year. Exercise 24 I am sure to (come) if you ask him.I (study) English for six years now.You (remember) my name or have you forgotten.When the phone rang, I (have) a bath.They woke up early in the morning and (say) their prayers.A drowning man (catch) at a straw.Where did you (go) last evening?(Do) you enjoy your trip to the hill last summer?God does not help those who (do) not help themselves. She (look) her pen all the day.
Exercise 25 Why you (go) there yesterday?The sun (rise) in the east.I (take) my examination this year.If you (work) hard you would have passed.We (go) there tomorrow.They (play) hockey for two hours.I (not know) him for a long time.The train (leave) five minutes ago.The principal (address) the students tomorrow.She (stitch) my shirt tomorrow. Exercise 26 The clock has (strike) five.You (lack) in good manners.He took off his shirt and (hang) it.He was (grope) in the dark.I (not see) you since Eid.He was resting because he (be) ill.They reached the college, before the bell (ring).The door will be (close) after two hours.It (rain) outside.He (leave) for Karachi yesterday.
Exercise 27 I know that he (tell) a lie. Rubber (float) on water. I go to meet my friend last week. The train (leave) when I reached the station. He (appear) in B.A. examination next year. There (be) green fields around our college. The accused (arrest) a few days back. He (meet) me just now. It (rain) here since morning. I think that the train (reach) Karachi by now. Exercise 28 I (kill) a rat yesterday. He (not play) a match tomorrow. She usually (tell) a lie. They (take) rest since morning. By next week, you (complete) this book. She already (eat) two plates of rice. If I got to Lahore, I (write) to you. She was (kill) by a robber. If he had obeyed me, I (reward) him. I (say) prayer before the sun rose.
Exercise 29 When we (take) our examination, we’ll have a holiday. I (know) him for ten years.He usually (take) tea at 4:00.When he (return), I’ll give him the key.Stay here till the lights (turn) green.When the fog (lift), we’ll be able to see where we are.You (have) time to help me tomorrow.She (come) out of hospital next week.He (start) a new job tomorrow.The committee (meet) yesterday. Exercise 30 I (kill) a rat yesterday. He (not play) a match tomorrow. She usually (tell) a lie. They (take) rest since morning. By next week, you (complete) this book. She already (eat) two plates of rice. If I got to Lahore, I (write) to you. She was (kill) by a robber. If he had obeyed me, I (reward) him. I (say) prayer before the sun rose.
The sun (warm) the air in summer.We generally (speak) Urdu.Amjad (study) for an examination now.We not yet (study) this book.They (sit) here for nearly an hour.When I (go) out, the sun was shining.When the phone rang, Shahid (have) a bath.I went to see him after I (hear) the news.When I leave Murree, I (write) to you.By next May, you (write) this-book.   Before you go to see her, she (go).These brave men (fight) until they die.If you work hard, you (pass).When we entered the room, you (write) letters.The maid servant (w£.sh) the floor ten minutesKhalid (prepare) for the examination for the last months.I never (fly) in an aeroplane.Safia (come) here on Sunday.Today, I (go) there for the second time.We (get up) at 7 O’clock in winter.  
No sooner did we reach there than the train (start).Let us close the door before the train (start).He said that no further news (be) received.He does nothing but (play).She learnt that he (go) from there the previous day.Unless you (work) hard, you cannot pass.I wish I (be) a great scholar!He wept as if he (be) in great pain.     The sun (set) before I (be) ready to go.   After they had gone, I (sit) down and (rest).   We (go) to the theatre last night.He usually (write) in green ink.She (sing) when her friends arrive last night.She has just come in and (see) you in five          minutes.I (come) as soon as my work is finished.Where you (go) for your holidays last year?My mother (come) to stay with us next week-       end.We (not live) in Pakistan for the last two years.I cannot remember where I last (see) my pen.He (not arrive) when I was writing my last letter to you.  

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