KP Citizen’s Portal

Connecting citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with their government

The Khyber Pakthunkhwa Citizen’s Portal is a step forward towards establishing responsive governance in the province.

This android based application allows citizens to register their complaints about multiple sectors of service delivery. These complaints are automatically forwarded to the concerned Deputy Commissioner for appropriate remedial actions. Citizens can upload picture/video/audio files in support of their complaints to ensure proper action.

This app also enables the government to communicate directly with the citizens to make routine and emergency announcements. Public polling is also featured to collect the concerns and preferences of the citizens in real-time.

What to do

Donwload the app and follow these steps

  1. 1: Download and install the citizen’s portal app
  2. 2: Register yourself with your CNIC and mobile number
  3. 3: Receive verification SMS
  4. 4: Send your complaints and participate in public polling
User Guide

Download Citizen’s Portal User Guide

*Available in pdf format

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