1.                    Bear out ( to confirm/certify) 1999,98,00,09He bears out my honesty.
2.                    Bear off (carry off/away/to win)He bore off the annual prize.
3.                    Bear away (to carry off/to win)06He bore away annual prize.
4.                   Bear up (support or not lose heart)06I cannot bear up with my insult. I shall bear up you in this matter.
5.                    Bear down (to crush/press down)The king bore down his enemies.
6.                   Bear down upon (attack )Pakistani plane bore down upon the Indian plane.
7.                    Bear upon/on (to be relevant to/have an effect on)Your answer bears upon the question.
8.                   Bear with (put up with/tolerate)I cannot bear with this insult.
9.                   Bear to (put up with/tolerate)I cannot bear to this insult.
10.                Bear up against (to resist)He bore against many hardships.
11.                 Bear upon (affect/impact/related to) 
12.                 Bear on (pertain) 
13.                 Beat  
14.                Beat off (to retreat) 
15.                 Beat back (push/force back/retreat) 08 
16.                Beat about (Search anxiously) 
17.                 Beat down (to bargain down) 
18.                Belong to (come of)She belongs to a noble family.
19.                Back out (dishonour commitment)An honest man does not back out of his words.
20.               Back up (to support)He backs up his friends.
21.                 Branch out98
22.                Branch off (to separate, set apart)98,99 
23.                Brush aside 
24.                Blow 
25.                Blow up (to explode/lose one’s temper)“We blew up the nuclear bomb”. He always blows up for nothing
26.                Blow out ( put out)Please blow out the candle.
27.                Blow over (disappear gradually/die)“The pain eventually blew over”
28.               Blow down (to get uprooted by wind)The trees were blown down due to wind.
29.                Blow off (come off, detached/ignore) 
30.               Blow to (shattered to small pieces after explosion)The tanks were blown to pieces by high explosive.
33.                Bring
34.                Bring home to  (to explain)My teacher brings home to us all the points
35.                Bring about(cause)98What brought about your failure?
36.                Bring down (reduce/cut down)The government has brought down the prices.
37.                Bring out (to publish)He brought out a book last year.
38.               Bring in (to earn)His factory brings in a lot of money.
39.                Bring round (to come round/ bring to)He brought me round to his point of view.
40.               Bring up (rear a child)He brought up his younger sister.
41.                Bring forth (to produce, yield/give rise to)The tree would not bring forth fruit.   1998,04
42.                Bring through (to guide/cure an ailing person)He brought me through the difficulty.
43.                Bring up(to rear, to educate)He brought up her only daughter well.
44.               Bring back (to recollect)I brought him back to his past.
45.                Bring on (to cause to appear)Dirt brings on disease.
46.               Bring forward (put forward)He brought forward new points in meeting.
47.                Bring under (to crush down)The soldiers brought under the rebels.
48.               Bring to light (to introduce)He brings this matter to light.
49.               Bring off (to bear away/carry off) 
50.               Bring to (to bring into senses) 
52.                Break 
53.                Break at (to make better record) 
54.                Break down(stop functioning)His car broke down on the way.
55.                Break away (to run away/to escape)03,07The thief broke away from the jail.
56.                Break out (to spread)The fire broke out. Or Cholera broke out in city.
57.                Break into(enter violently)The thief broke into the house.
58.               Break through  (pass through)The thief broke through the crowd.
59.               Break up (break relation/stop/decompose) 2003He broke up with his friend for nothing.
60.               Break in (to train/cut in)He broke in his wild horse.
61.                Break in upon (to come suddenly) 
62.               Break off(to stop suddenly)He broke off during his speech.

He broke off the handle of the door.

63.               Break open( to open by force)The thief broke open the box.
64.               Break through (pass through a barrier)He broke through the crowed.
65.               Break up (decompose/break apart) 
66.               Break with (to quarrel/ to end relationship)He broke with me for nothing. He will not break with me.
67.                Break apart (break into constituents) 
68.               Break forth (Bring on/ to appear) 
69.               Call 
70.               Call in ( send for/call for help)The nurse called in the doctor. Call in the clerk at once.
71.                 Call at ( to visit a place)He called at my house last night.
72.                Call on (to visit someone)He called on me last night.
73.                Call for (ask for/demand/ need)Success calls for hard work.
74.               Call off (to stop something/ cancel)The workers called off the strike. They called off the meeting.
75.                Call up(call to mind/rememberI cannot call up his name.
76.               Call to account (Call for explanation)The manager called the clerk to account.
77.                Call over (to call name in sequence)The teacher called over the names of students.
78.               Call upon(to pray)He calls upon Allah in difficulty.
79.               Call out (Cry out)He called out me for help.
80.              Carry on ( to continue)He carried on working hard.
81.                Carry through (to get through)He carried through the B.A examination.
82.               Carry weight (have importance)05His opinion carries weight.
84.               Carry forward/overPlease carry forward this total to next page.
85.               Carry off (bear away/off/to kill)He carried off annual prize. He carried off a girl.
86.               Carry away(take away) A boy carried away my books. The beautiful sight carried him away.
87.               Cast away ( to throw away) 2000He cast away his old books.
88.              Cast down (to be unhappy or dejected)He was cast down by his failure.
89.               Cast aside (throw away/cast away)98
90.              Cast about()07 
91.                Cast off (throw something as useless)He cast off his old clothes.
92.               Cast up (calculate)Please cast up these figures.
94.               Clear awayHe cleared away the books from the table.
95.               Clear up (solve a mystery)They are to clear up mystry.
96.               Clear out/off ( go away)Please clear this table out.
97.               Come up with (to work out) 
98.               Come of (belong to)He comes of a good family.
99.               Come down (to get down)His fever comes down in morning.
100.           Come away (to separate)The handle of the cup came away.
101.            Come up ( to be under discussion)His case has come up before the court.
102.           Come about (to happen)How has this come about?
103.           Come to (bring to/come to senses)  99,The boy came to after comma.
104.            Come  out  (to appear)The new edition of this book has come out.
105.           Come off  (to hold/take place)pu,03 The meeting will come off next Sunday.
106.           Come across/upon (meet by chance)I came across my old friend on the way.
107.            Come round (to get round/to recover)He comes round his wife by arguments.

The patient came round in a weak.

108.           Comes of (have relation to) 2001Ali comes of a great family.
109.           Come in/ into (to enter) 
110.            Come on/along () 
111.              Come by (to get by chance)He came by a beautiful watch.
114.             Cut on (to make hurry)Please cut on, bus has come.
115.             Cut up (cut into pieces) (be brief)Please cut up the slaughtered animal . I cut up the essay.
116.             Cut  short/cut up (be brief)Please cut the matter short/up as I am busy.
117.             Cut down  (to reduce/to kill)He cut down his expenditures.
118.            Cut down on 
119.             Cut off (isolated/to kill/ to destroy)2006He felt cut off at that place.
120.           Cut in (break in) 2007Don’t cut in my affairs.
121.             Cut into (interrupt)Don’t cut into your conversation.
122.            Cut away ()The door cut away his finger.
123.            Cut at (to injure)He got at the enemy with sword.
124.            Cut after (to chase)The hound is cutting after the deer.
125.            Cut out (to surpass)He cut out all the runners in the race.
126.            Cut through (to escape from)The prisoners cut through the prison bars and escaped.
130.           Deal with 
131.             Deal in (to do business)He deals in sugar.
132.            Deal out (give away)He deals out zakat among the poor.
137.            Do 
138.            Do for (destroy)He is done for completely.
139.            Do in (take in)We should not do in anyone.
140.           Do up (to decorate)2004He did up his house with beautiful things.
141.             Do away with  (destroy, eradicate)06He did away with the building.
142.            Do with out (manage without)I can not do with you.
143.            Do with (make use of) 
144.            Do into 
145.            Die  
146.            Die from (die due to injuries)He died from wounds.
147.            Die for (die for some one)He died for his country.
148.           Die of (die due to disease)He died of cholera.
149.            Die out (disappear, Become extinct)03,04Many old customs are dying out gradually,
150.            Die down (Become progressively) weaker1997,04The laughter died down./ The plants near the garage are dying down
151.             Die away (to be less in amount/intensity)The storm died away. 2008
152.            Die by (die by some thing)He died by his pistol.
157.             I sometimes drop in to see my grandparents on my way home from school.
158.            Drop in (visit with prior notice) 
159.            Drop out (cease to participate)After two laps, the runner dropped out.
160.           Drop off (to fall asleep/decline gradually) 1997The patient has just dropped off.
167.            Fall foul of ()08 
168.            Fall in with (happen to meet, agree to)06Ali fell in with my views at once.
169.             fall through  (to fail)Some players are emotional and soon fall out.
170.             Fall on (to attack, make at, run at) 
171.              Fall upon1996
172.              Fall away (get worse)  1997,1999My grades are falling away
173.              Fall out with 09,07Don’t fall out with others.
174.            fall off (to decrease)My income is falling off. The real estate market fell off
175.             Fall across 06 
179.            Go off  (explode)1995The bomb went off in the Hall.
180.            Get through   (to succeed)You will get through by hard work.
181.             Get at (reach, gain access to)07I cannot get at the top position.
182.            Get over(forget)Chips could never get over Katherine.
183.            Get away with 04 
184.            Go out (leave the room) 1996Do you often go out riding?
185.             Go down with 
186.            Go about() 08 
187.             Go with out (do with out) 
188.            Go back on/upon 2002,07 
189.            Go against 05This sentence goes against the rules of syntax.
190.            Give away (distribute)The principal gave away the prizes.
191.              Give in ( to yield)The enemy gave in.
192.             Give up (to hand over)You should give bad habits.
195.             Hold good (applicable)His words still hold good.
196.             Hold by (I held him by his arm.
197.             Hold to (stick to)He holds to his promise.
198.            Hold with (to agree)I hold with you in this matter
199.             Hold up (pull up)The driver holds up the bus.
200.           Hold out (refuse to yield)Our army held out the enemy.
201.            Hold over (postpone/ put off)The president held over the meeting. 1997,98
202.            Hold off ( resist and fight)07Our army held off the enemy.
203.            Hold on( hang on/wait on phone)Please hold on, he is coming.
204.           Hand 
205.            Hand in (to give by own hand)I handed my application to my principal.
206.           Hand on (pass on) 
207.            Hand out (give away/ brochure )The principal handed out prizes.
208.           Hand over (give over)He handed over charge to me.
209.           Hand down (to transfer a news/tradition) 
210.            Hand about/round (wander about) 
211.              Keep 
212.            Keep up with   (go forward withYou cannot keep with the class.
213.            Keep offI keep off drugs. 1996
214.            Keep up(maintain level/continue)He could not keep up and dropped out of the race.1997
215.            Keep down 
216.            Keep away 
217.             Keep back 
218.            Keep apart 
219.            Keep in  
220.           Keep out 
221.            Keep on 
226.           Knock about (eat too much)2002,05
227.            Knock down 
228.           Knock out (eliminate, 
229.           Knock off (get rid of by killing)the double agent was knocked off
230.           Knock up(make pregnant)He knocked up his wife again.
231.            Knock over(make upside down)The cat knocked over the flower vase
232.           Lay  
233.           Lay by/put by/set aside(lay something aside)Lay be something for a rainy day.1996,1997
236.           Live in (to reside)He lives in my house.
237.            Live on (live from hand to mouth) 
238.           Live up to (meet the requirements/satisfy)  2001
239.           Live by 2004
240.           Live with (tolerate/to adjust)“She has learned to live with her husband’s little idiosyncrasies”
242.           look 
243.           Look at (behold) 
244.           Look into (investigate /examine carefully) 
245.           Look over (to examine seriously) 
246.           Look through (to  examine the contents) 
247.            Look to (depend) 
248.           Look upon (consider) 
249.           Look about(to search) 
250.           Look out(to search) 
251.            Look for (to search)He is looking for his lost book.
252.            Look down upon  (to hate)We should not look down upon the beggars.
253.            Look after ( to take care) 2000He looks after her mother.
254.            Look forward to ( to expect eagerly)I look forward to seeing you.
255.            Look up (seek information from) 2009We can look her phone number up on the Internet.
256.            Look up to (have a lot of respect)My little sister has always looked up to me.
257.            Look back (look forward to one’s back) 07Don’t look back while you walk
258.            Make  
259.           Make good (to compensateThe company will make good our loss.
260.           Make away with (to flee/carry away)He made away with my mobile.
261.            Make off with 2002,09He made off with my mobile.
262.           Make for (move toward)He made for city.
263.           Make towards (move towards) 
264.           Make out ( to understand) puHe easily made out my point of view.
265.           Make of (to understand)He made out my point of view. I made of the question.
266.           Make over (hand over)He handed over me his book.
267.           Make up for (Make up)    (compensate for)Hard work will make up for the loss.
268.           Make up to (to get attention)She made up to him for his wealth.
269.           Make after (run after)He is running after the thief.
270.           Make at(run at/to attack)2006He made at me with a sword.
271.            Pass  
272.           Pass out (to faint)He passed out after accident.
273.           Pass from (leave) 
274.            Pass around  (circulate information)Please pass around the letter among all the members.
275.            Pass along (impart information)Pass along the good news.
276.            Pass on (to transmit)Please on the plate of salad.
277.              Pass over (over look)He always passes over my mistakes.
278.             pass by  (to ignore/pass over)He always passes by my mistakes.
279.             pass away(to die/kick the bucket)The old man passed away last night.
280.            Pass through (to bear/undergo)      99 
281.             Pass up (turn down/reject)“He passed up my offer of hospitality”
282.            Pass for (to be considered) 
283.            Pass off (disappear gradually)My pain has passed off.
284.            Pass into (mix into) 
287.           Pull  
288.           Pull down (demolish)He pulled down the old building.
289.           Pull together (to collaborate)We should pull together to get our goal.
290.           Pull in (to arrest/ work together)The police pulled in the thief.
291.            Pull up (to stop)09The car pulled up on the road.
292.           Pull ahead  
293.           Pull at 
294.           Pull back (retreat) 
295.           Pull away (scot free)) 
296.           Pull off (work out)He pulled off his assignment.
297.            Pull round (to recover) 
298.           Pull through (to recover) 2003He pulled through the cancer against all odds.
299.           Pull out (draw out)Please pull out the injection.
300.          Pull about (to              from one side to an other) 
314.            Put  
315.            Put by (lay by)Put by something for future.
316.            Put away (lay by/give up/) 
317.             Put  up at (to take lodging at)I put up my application in the meeting.
318.            Put up with (endure/tolerate)I cannot put up with his behavior.
319.            Put forth (to propose)He put forth his best efforts.
320.           Put up (to offer) 
321.            Put forward (to propound/)Your watch is slow, put it forward ten minutes.
322.           Put back (to delay/ to hinder/replace)Please put back the book on the tale. Your watch is fast,

put it back ten minutes.

323.           Put on (to wear/switch the light on) 
324.           Put off (to postpone) 
325.           Put in (pull off/insert/carry out) 
326.           Put aside (put off) 
328.           Put across (to communicate) 
329.           Put down (take down/supress)Put down the main points.
330.          Put together (to unite) 
331.           Put out (to extinguish/bring out) 
332.          Put about (to cause inconvenience) 
335.           part with (to do with out a thing)He cannot pass with his old car.
336.            part from(to do with out a person)He cannot pass from his mother.
351.            See off (to depart with complements)He will see off the guests.
352.            See through (the perceive the true nature)“We could see through her apparent calm”
359.           Ring up (to record) 
360.           Ring out (make a noise) 
361.            Ring off (put receiver back on the cradle) 
367.            Run out (to finish)05His money has run out.
368.           Run short of  (to fall short of)He ran short of money.
369.           Run down (break down)08 
370.           Run across (encounter/meet)How nice to run across you again!           2002
371.             Run over (knock down/ride down)The car ran over a beggar.
372.            Run away (make off with/make away with) 
373.            Run away with (make away/off with) 
374.            Run off (to take one’s heels/to flee/make off) 
375.            Run up (increase/accumulate) 
376.            Run by (Pass by while running) 
377.            Run into (come across/to hit/to be involved)I ran into the telephone pole. Nice to run into you again.
378.            Run around (Play boisterously)“The children ran around in the garden”
379.            Run through (rehearsal/drill/practice/waste)“We ran through an example”
380.           Run short () 
381.            Run out (come to an end)I ran out of money.
382.           Run on (keep on) 
383.           Run after (to make after) 
384.           Run against (to collide) 
385.           Run up against (to collide with) 
386.           Run upon (to collide with/dash against) 
390.           set 
391.            Set off (to start journey)The family set off for Lahore
392.           Set out (depart)The family set out for Lahore.
393.           Set about (make a start) 
394.           Set in  (to begin)Spring has set in.
395.            Set up (to establish) 09He set up a new company.
396.           Set on (assault)He set on his enemy.
397.            Set upon (to attack) 2002,2003He set upon his enemy.
398.           Set (assign) 
399.           Set ahead (move forward) 
400.          Set apart (assign) 
401.            Set aside (save) 
402.           Set about 
403.           Stand out against (refusal to yield) 
404.           Stand against (to resist) 
405.           Stand aside (stay aside) 
406.           Stand by (to support) 
407.           Stand for (represent) 
408.           Stand off (keep at a  distance) 
409.           Stand in (to cost) 
410.            Stand up  
411.             Stand up for (to rise in defense of) 
412.            Stand upon () 
415.            Take  
416.            Take back (to bring back)He has to take his words back. This scene takes back sad memories.
417.             Take aback (to be surprised)I was taken aback to see him.
418.            Take apart (to break down) 
419.            Take part (to participate)He takes part in debate.
420.           Take place (to occur)His marriage will take place after eid.
421.            Take up (adopt/to take interest in/resume)He always takes up new ideas.
422.           Take down     (write/put down) 2003,08The reporters were taking down the news.
423.           Take for (misunderstand)He took me for Ali.
424.          Take to (to be accustomed to)pu2001He has taken to smoking.
425.           Take in (to deceive/do in) 08An honest man does not take in others.
426.          Take off (depart/remove clothes/put off)The plane took off two hours late. He took  off his shirt.
427.           Take out (remove/draw/extract)The took out my aching tooth.
428.          Take on (to take responsibility)I take it on me to do it. He takes on this difficult task.
429.          Take away (carry away/make away/off)The thief took away my watch.
430.          Take after (to be similar to)puShe takes after her mother.
431.            Take into account    (note, consider)The judge took my views into account.
432.           Take over (take charge)I took over the charge from him.
433.           Take from  
434.           Tell upon(on) (influence adversely)99,95,03His hard work fell upon his health.
436.           Turn 
437.           Turn into (to enter) 
438.           Turn up (to appear) 
439.           Turn upon (to concentrate) 
440.          Turn on (to start/switch on) 
441.            Turn aside (to deviate) 
442.           Turn in (to lie for sleep) 
443.           Turn over (change page) 
444.           Turn away (to dismiss)I turned away my ishonest servant.
445.           Turn against (go against)He has turned against me for nothing.
446.           Turn down (reject)My case was turned down by the Board.
447.           Turn up (arrive/) pu,09The chief guest has not yet turned up.
448.           Turn out/off (expel/extinguish)Please put out the light.
449.           Turn to (move towards) 
452.           Weigh down99
458.           Write at ( to write on address) 
459.           Write up ( to report/bring to public notice) 
460.          Write off (to cancel)I wrote off my loan.
461.            Write down (note/put/take down) 
462.           Write about/on/of (to write on particular topic) 
463.           Write in (to cast a vote of an unlisted person)“Many voters wrote in the names of strangers”
464.           Work  
465.           Work out (to solve)puHe worked out the problem.
466.           Work at/on (give energy to do something )You will crack this problem if you really work at it.
467.           Work against 
468.           Work in (add) 
469.           Work off (get rid of)It will take months to work off this bank  loan.
470.           Work over (beat to get information) 
471.            Work towards  
472.            Work through (go through) 


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