How does Primrose tackle the question of her marriage? OR Do you think Primrose is an intelligent girl? Is her decision of Marrying wise? OR What is the difference between the attitude of Lucy and Primrose?
Primrose is brought up in a peculiar situation. Her mother has married and divorced her father, Charles, who was a handsome fellow. She has received her schooling among children of broken homes. Her mother has afforded her liberal altitude and latitude. She tackles the matter of her marriage wisely and tactfully.
Primrose is an intelligent, understanding sort of girl. She can put two and two together to appreciate a situation. She does not take sides but entertains a good view of both the parents. She has learnt an experience and made a worthwhile conclusion about the marriage of her parents.
She has fallen in love with John, a footballer of international repute. He is running an advertising agency quite successfully. But he is an ugly-looking fellow. He is not charming like her father. But that is what she does not prefer in her life. She says that the success of marriage life depends on sincerity of feelings between husband and wife. He can give her joy and comfort. He can make her happy. Primrose uses her friend Clarice, John’s sister, to break the news of her intended marriage with her brother.
Primrose discusses the question of her marriage from all points of view. She alludes to the failure of her mother’s marriage. She says that she is not so brave and hard working as her mother is. She needs security and protection of a male member. She tells that she is a marrying kind of woman like her aunt. She explains why she prefers an ugly-looking lover or husband and convinces her mother of her choice. Thus Primrose tackles the question of her marriage intelligently and tactfully. Her decision is correct because John has a good heart in his ugly body. 291

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