Q.1. What do the Sydneys think about the burglar?
Or What is the attitude of young generation towards crimes and criminology?
The Sydneys are a strange rich family where nothing happens except marriages and funeral. If an extraordinary thing happens to them they try to enjoy it however worst it may be. Enjoying the worst circumstances is the hall mark of Sydney family.
On a charismas morning a notorious burglur breaks into the house of Sydney. When he is trying to open the safe, Guy Sydney comes there. Wolf orders him to raise his hands by pointing his pistol at him. Guy Sydney instead of being afraid, receives Wolf warmly and offers him wine and soda. He tells him “You’re manna in the wilderness—you are indeed.”
Lattice comes into the room with the consent of Wolf. She exclaims “How brave of him! How thrilling!’ She says, “let’s sing to him gently—a Christmas carol.” Then Lord Redehester appears there. He says, ‘Glad to know you.” Lady Redehester, too, expresses her wonder to find Wolf in their house. She examines Wolf and exclaims, “The terror of England! And under our roof! How nice of him!’
Finally, the Bishop is brought to the scene of burglary. He sees Wolf and addresses him in his true colours. He does not praise him nor does he express his surprise at his presence in the mansion. The Bishop handles Wolf tactfully and at last dupes him into accepting an offer of making a large fortune by looting an another estate at a distance of three miles from there.
At the exit of Wolf, Lord Redehester calls him a grand fellow who has given them something to talk about. 263

Q. No. 2. Write down the theme of the play, ‘Something to about

Wolfs words: There ain’t no criminal classes, any more than virtuous classes. The rogues and the rulers may both come from the gutter or the Palace. A man can be in the House of Common today and the House of Detention tomorrow…’ best describe the theme of the play. In this world no body is born to be a thief or a lord. Circumstances make him what he is. It is possible that a child born in humble house may become a king and a child born in a palace may become a beggar or a thief. Wolf desires to have a caring and loving father like Redchester. He reveals the bitter fact that his father has not treated him well. It might be his father’s carelessness and indifference to him due to which he is a burglar. Otherwise his love and respect for his mother and his philosophical arguments show that inwardly he is a noble person. On the other hand Bishop who is born in an aristocratic family and is a religious person, is a materialist. Wolf dislikes Bishop for his hypocritical nature. He tells him: ‘You might be one of us yourself” Lettice’ words: ‘Gold always suits Uncle Charles’ throw light on the real nature of Charles. 210

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